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Dehradun, India

Asif M.,GRD PG IMT | Singh A.,JKK Nataraja Dental College and Hospital
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2010

Pyridazin-3-one, a saturated or unsaturated form of pyridazine with carbonyl group on third carbon, has been considered as a magic moiety (wonder nucleus) which posses almost all types of biological activities. This diversity in the biological response profile has attracted the attention of many researchers to explore this skeleton to its multiple potential against several activities. Present article is sincere attempt to review chemistry, synthesis, spectral studies and applications of pyridazinone. Source

Natural Products Journal | Year: 2012

Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has use in certain parts of the world and has gained increasing interest. People with epilepsy (PWE) take natural products or other forms of CAM mainly to enhance general health, but also to prevent seizures or to alleviate symptoms of co-morbidities or side effects of antiepileptic medications. The well developed medical systems, such as traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Unani and Ayurveda are often the basis for treating PWE. Based on reports of efficacy in PWE, natural products from these traditions are increasingly being studied in animal models of epilepsy and for further clinical development have been identified. It is likely, therefore, that natural products will be further evaluated for safety, tolerability and efficacy in PWE with drug-resistant seizures. © 2012 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Pyridazinone derivatives and their related analoges were introduced for gastric antiulcer and antisecretory activities. Selected compounds were applied to ulcer models and showed their antiulcer and anti secretary activities. Some pyridazinone compounds are recently reported as H3R antagonists. Some amine analogs of pyridazinones, pyridazinone–phenethylamines and 4,5-fused pyridazinones showed histamine H3R antagonist activity with significant affinity for rat and human H3R. These pyridazinone analogs also showed excellent selectivity and metabolic stability, with adequate pharmacokinetics. © 2014 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Mini-Reviews in Organic Chemistry | Year: 2013

The pyridazine moiety is an important and frequent antifeeedant, insecticidal, herbicidal, molluscicidal, plant growth regulatory activity and other agrochemical structural feature of many biologically active compounds. Recently, much attention has been focused on pyridazinone derivatives for their broad-spectrum activities. Substituted pyridazine derivatives were also reported to show antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, properties. Promoted by the above observations, the combination of two or more heterocyclic and non-heterocyclic systems enhances the biological profile many-fold than its parent nuclei. We considered some compounds bearing pyridazinone in a molecular framework. © 2013 Bentham Science Publishers. Source

Rana P.,GRD PG IMT | Chopra H.,GRD PG IMT
Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology | Year: 2014

Granulation is performed to a powder or mixture of powder in order to improve flow, uniformity of contents and increasing the compressibility etc. In present review article we summarized the latest developments in granulation technologies behind most commonly used granulation process. Article deals basic information along with advantages and disadvantages of various granulation methods. Granulation step is the first important process which assures the pharmaceutical elegant solid dosage form. Need of large amount of granulating agent and subsequent drying leads to various deteriorating effects which diverted the formulators for newer techniques. The latest technologies includes steam granulation, melt/thermoplastic granulation, moisture activated dry granulation (MADG), moist granulation technique (MGT), thermal adhesion granulation process (TAGP) and foam granulation have their own advantages and these new techniques increases the interest of formulation developers in exploring a highly precise method to overcome the disadvantages of conventional granulation process such as dust generation or deteriorating effect of heat at drying step. Further validation of newer techniques for uniformity of batches is required which assures the quality of finished product. © 2014 Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology All right reserved. Source

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