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Hemmer M.,University of Central Florida | Vaupel A.,University of Central Florida | Wohlmuth M.,Graduate School of Computer Science and Advanced Technologies | Richardson M.,University of Central Florida
Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics | Year: 2012

A novel Nd:YVO 4-based regenerative amplifier system operating in the picosecond regime featuring a volume Bragg grating (VBG) as an intracavity spectral narrowing element is described. This compact amplifier provides pulses with duration of ∼85 ps operating at repetition rates ranging from single shot to 10 kHz. The VBG is used to passively tailor the pulse duration and achieve transform-limited pulses with 50 pm FWHM of spectral linewidth. A Gaussian output beam profile is obtained from the amplifier at all repetition rates. The intracavity VBG also guarantees a high spectral purity by efficiently preventing the build-up of out-of-band ASE. The spectral, spatial and temporal properties of this amplifier make it highly suitable for OPCPA pumping applications. © Springer-Verlag 2011.

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Remise des diplmes Chaque anne, les diplms de lEPITA reoivent leurs titres dans le cadre prestigieux de lUNESCO Paris. Ils viendront rejoindre le rseau des anciens lves de lcole et celui de IONIS Education Group qui compte plus de 60 000 membres ...

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Les vnements phare Week-end d'intgration C'est cette occasion que les apprentis font connaissance avec les tudiants de la formation initiale et crent des liens d'amiti pour toute leur formation et plus encore ! cette occasion, les tudiants qui se retrouvent dans un contexte plus ludique, peuvent dvelopper ou approfondir des liens d'amiti et se crer souvenirs qui dureront plus longtemps que leurs tudes ! VIDEO Halloween Dans la grande tradition d'Halloween, le campus se met aux couleurs de cet vnement : dguisements de fantmes et de sorcires et dcors insolites sont au rendez-vous ! Vous ne reconnatrez pas le campus ! XMAS La soire X-Mas est une tradition de la vie tudiante de l'EPITA. Cette dernire soire de l'anne est l'occasion pour tous de se retrouver dans une ambiance festive hors de l'enceinte pdagogique du campus ...

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Le centre FLE de lEPITA Depuis 2010, lEPITA sengage proposer un enseignement FLE tous ses tudiants internationaux afin doptimiser leur intgration linguistique et culturelle dans leur vie quotidienne, au sein de lcole et dans le monde de lentreprise. Avec plus de 40 nationalits reprsentes sur son campus, lEPITA considre la classe de FLE comme un lieu de rencontres interculturelles et encourage les moments dchanges et de partage entre les tudiants ...

Discovery of ocean depths concerns every one of us. Recent developments of new technologies, of underwater robotic and of GPS are changing dramatically the way people perceive oceans, not anymore from their surfaces, but through their depths, not in immersion but on-line, not deferred but in real time. This is the objective of Digital Ocean. New technologies are now capable of challenging traditional scuba diving by creating an innovative form of diving, based on science and technology, not on bravery - virtual diving in real time. Navigating freely in the oceanic realm, a dream rooted on mans origins, is now accessible to all. Smart autonomous robots are used to collect underwater digital data that generate sceneries of undersea in 3D interactive imagery. Then, these preprocessed background productions are merged, through mixed reality, with real time 2D videos taken by other distant underwater remote controlled robots teleoperated via the internet, and diffused on-line. As a result, through the web, anyone, anywhere, at any moment - with minimal costs and no risks, will be able to dive virtually in real time, in the most remarkable and secluded sites around the world, unconcerned by sea depths, and get an unmatched quality of images, discover a variety of details, experience the feelings of diving without its constraints and, above all, keeping undisturbed the environment Thus, virtual divers alone or in groups, will be able in few days to discover more than a real diver during all his lifetime. To further enhance virtual diving experience, are integrated in the system a serious video game, a wiki-editing and e-learning platforms, linked with marine specialists. Divers themselves will build their immersed world, keeping virtual sites mirroring real sites, continuously updated and improving in realism. With Digital Ocean, the discovery of the other two thirds of our planets immersed territories will become eventually and irreversibly reachable.

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