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Kloetzer L.,Technical University Gheorghe Asachi | Cascaval D.,Technical University Gheorghe Asachi | Galaction A.-I.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Chemical Engineering Communications | Year: 2013

This article presents the results of a comparative study of reactive extraction of succinic acid with tri-n-octylamine (TOA) dissolved in solvents with different dielectric constants (dichloromethane, n-butyl acetate, and n-heptane), with and without octan-1-ol addition as phase modifier. The positive effect of octan-1-ol on extraction efficiency was quantified by means of amplification factors. For all studied systems, the addition of octan-1-ol into the solvent phase led to an increase of extraction efficiency, the most important effect being recorded for the solvent with the lowest polarity, namely n-heptane. The maximum value of amplification factor was reached for pH = 6 and indicated an increase of reactive extraction yield of about 1.26 times for dichloromethane, 1.55 times for n-butyl acetate, and 2.88 times for n-heptane. © 2013 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

PubMed | University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova and Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Current health sciences journal | Year: 2015

Purpose. Fatigue is a physiological phenomenon which is permanently present at students because of the scholar demands. Excessive demands can cause pathological fatigue phenomenon, which should be avoided. Subjects and method. The study included a group of 203 students from Dimitrie Cantemir Highschool in Iai. The teenagers were questioned about the presence of the fatigue phenomenon. Results. Fatigue is rarely present at 62.6% of the questioned students. During the week, this phenomenon appears especially at the beginning (22.2%) or in the middle of the week (34.5%). In a few cases it appears at the end of the week, as it should. Night sleep is only of 6-7 hours (37.4%) or 7-8 hours (36.9%), which is not enough.The insufficient number of sleeping hours can be paid by day sleep, but most of the responses are rarely (50.7%). Active rest is represented by sport or other activities of choice. Sport is the only less attractive option - in most cases children allocate only 15-30 minutes a day for it (33.5%). They stay in front of the TV between 0.5 and 1 hour (42.9%) and of the computer between 2-3 hours (44.3%) daily. Conclusions. Childrens daily schedule isnt balanced, so the risk of excessive fatigue really exists.

Elaba Z.,University of Alabama at Birmingham | Hughey L.,University of Alabama at Birmingham | Isayeva T.,University of Alabama at Birmingham | Weeks B.,University of Alabama at Birmingham | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Cutaneous Pathology | Year: 2012

Trichodysplasia spinulosa (TS) is a rare and only recently characterized cutaneous disease occurring in immunocompromised patients. The disease is characterized by spiny follicular papules on clinical examination and by the presence of viral inclusions at ultrastructural examination. In the last year, this virus has been identified as a new member of the polyomavirus family and designated as TS-associated polyomavirus (TSPyV). We report two organ transplant patients with this disease in which we were able to identify the TSPyV at ultrastructural and molecular level from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded biopsies of lesional skin. Similar to prior described cases, the patients presented with follicular papules which were concentrated on the central face and associated with alopecia. Histopathology of both cases showed dilated follicular infundibula plugged with cornified eosinophilic cells containing large trichohyaline granules. Transmission electron microscopy on paraffin-embedded tissue in case 1 showed 28-nm intracellular viral particles morphologically consistent with polyoma virus. For both cases the presence of TSPyV was confirmed by polymerase chain reaction with virus-specific primers followed by identification by direct sequencing. These two cases show the presence of the newly described TSPyV in TS further establishing its association with this distinctive disease. Copyright © 2012 John Wiley & Sons A/S.

Bordeianu G.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Revista medico-chirurgicalǎ̌ a Societǎ̌ţaii de Medici ş̧i Naturaliş̧ti din Iaş̧i | Year: 2011

DNA repair by homologous recombination (HR) may be regarded as the two faces of a coin: lowering the oncogenetic potential (precise repair with no consequences on genomic status) or increasing it (deleterious action which may determine chromosome rearrangements such as loss of heterozigosity). Inherited mutations in genes involved in HR are associated with gene rearrangement and may be a prerequisite for tumor development in some cancer-prone hereditary diseases like Bloom, Werner and Rothmund-Thomson syndromes. Normal eukaryotic cells show some degree of balance between various mechanisms of repair. This review presents the main mechanisms and pathways of homologous recombination repair (synthesis-dependent single strand annealing, constitution of Hollidayjunctions with their resolution mechanisms and repair by break induced replication), the proteins involved in it and their contribution to oncogenesis.

Turliuc M.N.,Al. I. Cuza University | Mairean C.,Al. I. Cuza University | Turliuc M.D.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
International Journal of Stress Management | Year: 2015

The purpose of this present research is to investigate the role of dysfunctional beliefs in developing intrusive memories, a hallmark symptom of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although dysfunctional beliefs have predicted traumatic stress after various types of traumatic events, the mechanisms through which cognitive distortions influence traumatic distress for persons indirectly exposed to traumatic events remain unclear. The high levels of symptom similarity suggest that established vulnerability factors for PTSD in primary victims may also serve as vulnerability factors for traumatic stress symptoms in indirect victims. Therefore, we hypothesized that cognitive processes of rumination and suppression would operate as mediators between dysfunctional beliefs and traumatic distress. A total of 138 medical staff across 3 hospitals in Romania completed measures of dysfunctional beliefs, responses to intrusion, and secondary traumatic stress. The results emphasized the importance of dysfunctional beliefs as predictors of intrusions. Also, our data indicated that rumination and suppression mediated the effects of dysfunctional beliefs about oneself and about the world when it comes to traumatic stress. These results provide insight into a mechanism through which dysfunctional beliefs may affect posttraumatic stress and may highlight the importance of examining multiple vulnerability factors simultaneously in increasing the understanding of the etiology of PTSD. © 2015 American Psychological Association.

Baltag O.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi | Baltag O.,Terraflux Control Ltd.
Sensor Letters | Year: 2013

A new type of fluxgate magnetometer is presented that makes use of the hysteretic non-linearity of the transfer characteristic of a fluxgate probe which operates in parametric resonance regime. A description if given of both the mathematical model of the fluxgate operation and the doublepumping magnetometer which uses two fields of different frequencies: an excitation field which determines, under certain conditions, the parametric generation of high amplitude second harmonic oscillations, and another field of lower frequency, which modifies the phase and amplitude of the second harmonic parametric oscillations. Copyright © 2013 American Scientific Publishers All rights reserved.

Rau M.C.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi | Baltag O.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal | Year: 2013

The paper analyses the spatial distribution of the magnetic field and the first and second order gradients produced by two sources, a disturbances source and a biosignal source, as well as the effect of the gradiometer basis on gradient measurement. The contribution of a magnetic disturbance to signal/disturbance ratio is analyzed when the biomagnetic field is measured in an electromagnetic unshielded environment.

Preda C.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi | Ungureanu M.C.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi | Vulpoi C.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Environmental Engineering and Management Journal | Year: 2012

International health organizations recognize the increasing importance of environmental exogenous agents in relation with endocrine system. The endocrine disruptors alter the proper functioning of the endocrine pathway with important consequences on human health. In recent years, more studies came to asses the exposure to multiple endocrine disrupting chemicals on animals and humans. This article summarizes data concerning the effects of different types of endocrine disruptors such as: phytoestrogens, bisphenol, diethylstilbestrol, phthalates, dioxin and pesticides on endocrine system and the sequelae on endocrine functions. Many endocrine disrupting compounds adversely impact the following functions: metabolic rate, sex development, insulin production and utilization, growth, stress response, gender behavior, reproduction. The action to disrupt the endocrine pathway is possible via nuclear receptors, through membrane receptors, neurotransmitter receptors, orphan receptors and enzymatic pathways involved in the hormonal synthesis. Elucidation of the role of endocrine disruptors in human health will provide insights into the assessment of environmental exposure and risk. Further epidemiological and toxicological studies are needed to evaluate the exposure to multiple endocrine disrupting compounds.

Oprea S.,Petru Poni Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry | Oprea V.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi
Materiale Plastice | Year: 2010

A series of poly (ester urethane)s were synthesized, containing, poly(ε-caprolactone) diol of Mn= 2000 as soft segments. Each series used the same diisocyanate in the hard segment, i.e., 1,6 hexamethylene diisocyanate, with the same content. The polyurethane polymers were prepared by a two-step polymerization in the absence of catalyst, at the molar ratio of OHsoft segment /NCO/ OH chain extenders = 1/2/1. The chain extenders were 1,12-dodecan diol, glycerin and castor oil. For all polymers the structures were determined by FTIR, the physico-chemical and thermal properties were determined by thermograuimetric analysis and additionally tensile properties as well as Shore A hardness were analyzed. Poly (ester urethane)s with castor oil exhibited higher tensile strength (up to 27 MPa vs 30 MPa) and elongation at break (up to -780% vs. 1000%) in comparison with the corresponding glycerin poly(ester urethane)s.

Luca M.C.C.,Gr pa University Of Medicine And Pharmacy Of Iasi | Tura V.V.,Al. I. Cuza University | Mangalagiu I.I.,Al. I. Cuza University
Medical Hypotheses | Year: 2010

Cancer is one of the most serious and merciless health problems of the mankind, about seven million people dying of cancer every year. Two of the most important and promising targets in cancer chemotherapy include DNA alkylating agents and DNA intercalators. The emphasis of this work was to design, synthetize and formulate a mechanism of action for a new class of dual DNA intercalators. The dual DNA intercalators have three main parts: an alkylating unit (represented by two halo-alkyl-ester chains), an intercalator unit (five- or six-membered ring nitrogen heterocycle) and an acetophenone skeleton linker. As mechanism of action, we consider that these compounds act as dual DNA intercalators, the alkylating unit realizing a covalent bonding via DNA protein " cross-linking effect" while nitrogen heterocycles will realize noncovalent bonding via DNA intercalation with purine and pyrimidine bases from DNA and the amino acids from topoisomerases enzymes. Our hypothesis was confirmed by in vitro anticancer tests against HeLa cell lines, where the newly obtained compounds demonstrated a very good activity. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

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