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Baunthiyal M.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College | Sharma V.,Banasthali University
Indian Journal of Plant Physiology | Year: 2014

The plasma membrane associated H+-ATPase (P-type) and vacuolar membrane associated H+-ATPase (V-type) enzymes are known to be the site of functional alterations during fluoride (F) stress. The present study was conducted on three species of semi-arid region, viz., Acacia tortilis, Cassia fistula and Prosopis juliflora that are found to be hyperaccumulator for F. The enzyme activities were assayed in microsomal fractions (10,000 g supernatant fractions). A decrease in P-ATPase and V-ATPase activity was associated with F stress of varying degrees in all the species tested. Both enzymes showed highest activities in P. juliflora and lowest in C. fistula. In general P-ATPase activity of leaves was more inhibited by increase in F concentrations ranging from 10–50 mg kg−1 in the medium as compared with V-ATPase. The aim was to examine the relationship between F stress and adaptive responses as improved tolerance in the plants by investigating changes in the V-ATPase and P-ATPase activities of A. tortilis, C. fistula and P. juliflora. © 2014, Indian Society for Plant Physiology.

Chauhan S.,Near Nehru Training Center | Pant B.D.,Government Degree College | Bhatt S.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College
Gazi University Journal of Science | Year: 2013

Sintunavarat and Kumam [Common fixed point theorems for a pair of weakly compatible mappings in fuzzy metric spaces, J. Appl. Math. vol. 2011, Article ID 637958, 14 pages, 2011] defined the notion of (CLRg) property which is more general than (E.A) property. The aim of this paper is to prove a common fixed point theorem for a pair of weakly compatible mappings in intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces employing (CLRg) property. Our results improve and generalize several previously known fixed point theorems of the existing literature.

Sharif M.,Jazan University | Swamy V.S.V.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College
International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology | Year: 2014

This paper describes the development and application of LINGO model to the optimal operation of a multi-reservoir system. The original four-reservoir problem (Larson, 1968) with linear objective function and a modified problem with nonlinear objective function have been solved using LINGO model. To evaluate the performance of LINGO model, both the problems have also been solved using discrete differential dynamic programming (DDDP). Performance of LINGO and DDDP-based optimisation models was evaluated on the basis of the objective function values achieved, the execution time required and the optimal state trajectories produced. Optimal storage trajectories obtained from both the models have been presented. The LINGO model was found to be superior to DDDP model in terms of execution time, although optimal state trajectories produced by each model are identical. A distinct practical contribution of the present research is that a LINGO model free from dimensionality problems has been developed for the optimisation of multi reservoir systems operations. An added advantage of the LINGO model is that it is transportable with minimum changes to any reservoir system. Copyright © 2014 Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.

Baunthiyal M.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College | Ranghar S.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College
Clean - Soil, Air, Water | Year: 2015

Fluoride pollution is now recognized as a global problem. The reason fluorides are considered as serious contaminants even when they are present at low levels is that they persist for a long time in air, soil, and water and exert negative effects at all levels of an ecosystem. Thus, immediate attention is the need of the hour to remediate the environment from F pollution. Till date, the conventional methods have been developed primarily to remove F from water. These methods are very slow and expensive. Besides, not much research has been done so far to remediate F from soil. This review focuses on the uptake and accumulation of F by certain aquatic and land plant species. Exploring these plants by analysis of their tissues for accumulated contaminants may open up several opportunities to be utilized to remediate F rich water and soil. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Baunthiyal M.,Govind Ballabh Pant Engineering College | Sharma V.,Banasthali University
International Journal of Phytoremediation | Year: 2014

The study was done to investigate the ability of three semi-arid plant species viz. Acacia tortilis, Cassia fistula and Prosopis juliflora to adapt to fluoride (F) stress. Here we examined the changes in activities of chlorophyll a fluorescence and photosynthetic pigment concentration during early growth of these plants. One month old plants were treated with 10, 20, and 50 mg kg-1 F in soilrite. We did not observe any major change in photosynthetic performance of these plants during early growth. This was revealed by ETR, ETRmax, PPFD-sat and ΔF/Fm′-sat values which were higher in these plants. The decrease in chl a, chl b and total chl concentrations were significant only at 5 days. For most of the parameters, C. fistula was found to be more sensitive to F stress and P. juliflora showed least damage from F. The lesser inhibition in the parameters reflected the F tolerant nature of these plants with respect to photosynthesis. This opens the possibility of potential use of these species for treatment of F contaminated soil and water. © 2014 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

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