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Krishnamoorthy A.,Cochin University of Science and Technology | Nair S.S.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Narayanan V.C.,Government Engineering College at Thrissur
5th International Conference on Queueing Theory and Network Applications, QTNA 2010 - Proceedings | Year: 2010

In this paper, we consider a single server queuing system with inventory where customers arrive according to a Poisson process. Inventory is served at an exponential rate provided there are customers. Inventory is replenished according to the (s, S) policy with zero lead-time. The service process is subject to interruptions, which occurs according to a Poisson process. The interrupted server is repaired at an exponential rate. We assume that during interruption, the customer being served waits there until his service is completed and also that no inventory is lost due to interruption. Stability of the above system is analyzed and steady state vector is calculated explicitly. Explicit formulas for system performance measures such as expected number of customers in the system, expected inventory size, expected interruption rate etc are also obtained. © 2010 ACM.

Singh Y.P.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Singh Tomar A.,Sv Polytechnic College | Vijay S.K.,P.A. College
Asian Journal of Spectroscopy | Year: 2010

A combined experimental and theoretical study on molecular and vibrational structure metal complex of 3′-Azido-2′-deoxythymidine (Zidovudine AZT) with Fe(III) have been reported. The Fourier transform infrared spectra of was recorded in the solid phase, in the region of 2500-400 cm-1. Assuming C point symmetry, vibrational assignments for the observed frequencies have been proposed and energies of this molecule have also been calculated by means of quantum chemical calculations using density functional theory and Hartree-Fock method with 6-311++G** basis sets. An assignment of normal modes of vibration to the observed frequencies has been based on these calculations. The theoretical wavenumbers showed very good agreement with the experimental values. A detailed interpretation of the infrared also is reported. The theoretical FT-IR spectra of the title molecule have also been constructed.

Krishnamoorthy A.,Cochin University of Science and Technology | Nair S.S.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Narayanan V.C.,Government Engg College
Operational Research | Year: 2012

In this paper we consider a single server queueing system to which customers arrive according to a Poisson process, each demanding exactly one unit of the inventoried item. Service time duration is exponentially distributed. Inventory is replenished according to (s, S) policy, with lead time following exponential distribution. The service may be interrupted according to a Poisson process in which case the service restarts after an exponentially distributed time. Upon arrival if a customer finds the server busy, it leaves the service area to join an orbit and retries for service from there. The interval between two successive repeated attempts is exponentially distributed. We assume that while the server is under interruption an arriving customer joins the system with some probability or leaves for ever with complementary probability. Further it is assumed that while the server is on interruption a retrying customer goes back to the orbit with a certain probability and with complementary probability leaves the system for ever. No arrival or retrial is entertained when the inventory level is zero. We model the above system as a level dependent quasi birth death process (LIQBD). The stability of the system has been studied using matrix analytic method and the steady state vector is obtained applying Neuts-Rao truncation procedure. Several system performance measures, including the waiting time of a customer in the orbit, has been derived and their dependence on different system parameters has been extensively investigated numerically. © 2011 Springer-Verlag.

Kashyap R.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Sharma L.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Ojha S.,University
Colourage | Year: 2013

In the present study, attempt has been made to print the jute fabric with traditional Dabu art and to explore the possibilities of maintaining/promoting the traditional art of block printing on the eco-friendly fabric, easily available in India. Attempts have also been made to create an opportunity for the export of Dabu printed jute articles internationally to earn the foreign exchange and also to save people from more harmful fabrics and finally to maintain the ecological balance. The following objectives has been formulated keeping the above points in mind to develop articles using dabu printing on jute fabric and to assess the acceptability of the developed articles.

Singh Y.P.,Government Womens Polytechnic College | Singh R.A.,Dr Hari Singh Gour University
BioFactors | Year: 2010

Garlic has been used medicinally since antiquity because of its antimicrobial activity, anticancer activity, antioxidant activity, ability to reduce cardiovascular diseases, improving immune functions, and antidiabetic activities and also in reducing cardiovascular diseases and improving immune functions. Recent studies identify that the wide variety of medicinal functions are attributed to the sulfur compounds present in garlic. Epidemiological observations and laboratory studies in animal models have also showed anticarcinogenic potential of organosulfur compounds of garlic. In this study, in silico analysis of organosulfur compounds is reported using the methods of theoretical chemistry to elucidate the molecular properties of garlic as it is more time and cost efficient, reduces the number of wet experiments, and offers the possibility of replacing some animal tests with suitable in silico models. The analysis of molecular descriptors defined by Lipinski has been done. The solubility of drug in water has been determined as it is of useful importance in the process of drug discovery from molecular design to pharmaceutical formulation and biopharmacy. All toxicities associated with candidate drug have been calculated. P-Glycoprotein expressed in normal tissues as a cause of drug pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics has been examined. Drug-plasma protein binding and volume of distribution have also been calculated. To avoid rejection of drugs, it is becoming more important to determine pKa, absorption, polar surface area, and other physiochemical properties associated with a drug, before synthetic work is undertaken. The present in silico study is aimed at examining these compounds of garlic to evaluate its possible efficacy and toxicity under conditions of actual use in humans. Copyright © 2010 International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

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