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Navi Mumbai, India

Suryawanshi C.S.,Government of Maharashtra
Indian Concrete Journal | Year: 2012

"Just as walking is but a succession of interrupted falls, the entire history of human progress is a succession of stumbling half-truths and misinterpreted facts. The 'accepted facts' of today become the 'recognized fallacies' of tomorrow." - ACI Past President Herbert J. Gilkey (1950) In recent years, durability problems, poor performance, and, most of all, repair failures have tarnished the public's image of concrete. Repair failures and endless "repair of repairs" make a substantial contribution to the current perception of concrete. Concrete often gets a bad name because premature repair failure is one of the most visible manifestations of poor design decisions and details, and inadequate field practice. Concerned with the current state of concrete repair technology, the author wrote this article in an attempt to improve the performance of repaired structures. To do so, the author has analysed some common problems with structural repairs especially those in coastal regions, explored issues that must be investigated further and attempted to provide revised opinions on various concrete repair issues. Source

Doke P.P.,Government of Maharashtra
Indian journal of public health | Year: 2011

The year 2006 witnessed an extensive outbreak of Chikungunya fever in Maharashtra state. Out of 6467 sera of suspected patients sent to National Institute of Virology, Pune, 804 were serologically confirmed. This retrospective study was carried out by interrogating all those patients for their sickness experience. Adult females from rural area were more affected than males. In 68.2% families, there were multiple cases. Fever and multiple joint involvement were almost invariable. In 36.5% patients, there was history of recurrence. Along with pain, slight swelling was noticed in 55% patients. The commonest joints involved were wrist, inter-phalangeal, elbow, knee and ankle, in that order. The pain and swelling persisted for more than a month. After health education during outbreak, there was positive improvement in behavior pertaining to source reduction of vector. Inter-personal communication was best remembered. In health education, the role of paramedical workers and government doctors was prominent. Source

Borkar R.R.,Government of Maharashtra
Composites: Mechanics, Computations, Applications | Year: 2014

The present study deals with the flexural analysis of single-layer fibrous composite beams using several displacement-based shear deformation theories. The theories accounts for the parabolic variation of shear stress through the thickness of a beam, so that the shear correction factor is not needed. The number of unknown variables in all the theories is the same as in the first-order shear deformation theory. These theories utilize displacement models which contain polynomial, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and exponential functions in terms of the thickness coordinate to represent the displacement variation across the thickness. A unified displacement field is used to represent all the theories. The governing differential equations and associated boundary conditions are obtained by using the principle of virtual work. A static flexural analysis is carried out for simply supported fibrous composite beams subjected to different mechanical loadings. The results obtained using all the theories are compared with those obtained by exact elasticity solution for a sinusoidal load and then their validity is checked for other loading conditions. © 2014 by Begell House, Inc. Source

Pathan A.R.,University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences | Karwa M.,Auriga Research Ltd | Pamidiboina V.,Ranbaxy Laboratories | Deshattiwar J.J.,Government of Maharashtra | And 9 more authors.
Inflammopharmacology | Year: 2010

The present study was designed to evaluate, P2026 [(2-((2-(nitrooxy)ethyl) disulfanyl)ethyl 2-(2-(2,6-dichlorophenylamino)phenyl)acetate)], a novel NO (nitric oxide) donor prodrug of diclofenac for its ability to release NO and diclofenac, and whether P2026 provides advantage of improved activity/gastric tolerability over diclofenac. Oral bioavailability of P2026 was estimated from plasma concentration of diclofenac and nitrate/nitrite (NOx). Anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated in three different models of inflammation: acute (carrageenan-induced paw oedema), chronic (adjuvant-induced arthritis), and systemic (lipopolysaccharide-induced endotoxic shock). Gastric tolerability was evaluated from compound's propensity to cause gastric ulcers. P2026 exhibited dose-dependent diclofenac and NOx release. Similar to diclofenac, P2026 showed potent anti-inflammatory activity in acute and chronic model, whereas it improved activity in systemic model. Both diclofenac and P2026 inhibited gastric prostaglandin, but only diclofenac produced dose-dependent haemorrhagic ulcers. Thus, the results suggest that coupling of NO and diclofenac contribute to improved gastric tolerability while retaining the anti-inflammatory properties of diclofenac. © 2010 Springer Basel AG. Source

Kausar A.,Government Medical College | Mudassir S.,Government of Maharashtra | Badaam K.M.,Government Medical College | Shete A.N.,Government Medical College | Khan S.,Government Medical College
Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research | Year: 2015

Background: Volleyball is considered a physically demanding athletic sport; characterized by rapid acceleration, deceleration, and sudden changes of direction. It has been highlighted that aerobic capacity (VO2 max) which indicates cardiorespiratory fitness has a significant effect on the performance of athletes and is an important element of success in sports. Aim and Objective: The objective of this study was to compare aerobic capacity of university volleyball players from the region with that of matched sedentary controls. The secondary objective was to compare the findings with the aerobic capacity data reported in literature for the volleyball players and sedentary population. Materials and Methods: Sample size was calculated for detecting a large effect size (Cohen’s d = 0.8) with α as 0.05 and power of study as 80% for two tailed hypothesis testing. By using Queen’s college step test, VO2 max was measured in 30 male volleyball players in the age group of 20 to25 years and was compared with 30 age and socio-economic status matched controls with sedentary lifestyle. results: The mean predicted VO2 max was 52.99 ± 5.13 ml/ kg/min in volleyball players and 37.01 ± 3.94 ml/kg/min in controls. The difference in mean values of VO2 max (ml/kg/ min) in volleyball players and controls was statistically highly significant with p-value less than 0.001. conclusion: The volleyball players showed a superior aerobic capacity compared with age and socio-economic status matched controls with sedentary lifestyle. © 2015, Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. All rights reserved. Source

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