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Wani M.R.,Government Degree College Boys | Khan S.,Aligarh Muslim University | Kozgar M.I.,Aligarh Muslim University
Frontiers of Agriculture in China | Year: 2011

A systematic and comparative study on the frequency and spectrum of chlorophyll mutations induced by ethylmethane sulphonate (EMS) - an alkylating agent, hydrazine hydrate (HZ) - a base analogue and sodium azide (SA) - a respiratory inhibitor, was carried out in two mungbean varieties, namely, PDM-11 and NM-1. Awide spectrum of chlorophyll mutants was obtained in the M 2 generation. All these chlorophyll-deficient mutants were lethal except maculata, viridis and virescent. Chlorina followed by xantha types were predominant in both the varieties. EMS treatments induced the highest frequency of chlorophyll mutations followed by HZ and SA. The frequency of chlorophyll mutations was dose-dependent and increased with the mutagen concentration. Based on effectiveness in both varieties, the order of mutagens was HZ > SA > EMS. Two criteria viz., pollen sterility (Mp/S) and seedling injury (Mp/I) were taken into consideration to determine the efficiency of the mutagens. EMS was found to be the most efficient mutagen followed by HZ and SA. Moderate concentrations of the mutagens were the most effective and efficient in inducing mutations. © 2011 Higher Education Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Mubashir W.,Bundelkhand University | Bakshi S.H.,Government Degree College Boys | Bhat N.A.,Government Degree College Boys | Zaman W.U.,Government Degree College Boys
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2012

The present study was conducted to explore the seed born mycoflora or fungi associated with seeds of mustard. A total 7 fungi were isolated among the isolated fungi in all replications. Aspergillus flavus was most dominant species, so further investigated were carried out with Aspergillus flavus. Mass multiplication of the pathogen was done and Aspergillus flavus was cultured on PDA plates. The spores were collected after 5 days and a spore suspension was prepared. The culture filtrate was used to infest the healthy seeds of mustard varieties Basanti, Kalasona, Kaveri AK-47. After infestation for 48 hours the studies were conducted to check the impact of Aspergillus flavus on the biochemical parameters as well as Vigour of the seed. The oil content of both the samples (healthy and infested) was studied for all three varieties, colour, odour and quantity of oil was taken into consideration. There was reduction in oil quantity, color and odour in case of infested seeds as compared to healthy seeds.

Bhat T.A.,Government Degree College Boys | Mustafa M.,University Of Kashmir | Beigh M.R.,University Of Kashmir
Journal of Nano- and Electronic Physics | Year: 2015

In this paper a study of various short channel effects (SCE's) of double gate n-FinFET structure as a function of scaling parameters for Si, GaAs, GaSb and GaN channel materials has been evaluated and presented. The simulation results presented are based on the self consistent solution of Poisson and driftdiffusion equations. In the model the carrier velocity is assumed to be saturated in the channel for all the materials. Gate length (Lg) and channel width (Wch) dependence of the various short channel effects viz., Drain Induced Barrier Lowering (DIBL), Subthreshold Slope (SS) and threshold voltage roll-off of these devices using the said materials have been studied and presented. © 2015 Sumy State University.

Ahmad P.,P.A. College | Ahmad P.,King Saud University | Rasool S.,University Putra Malaysia | Gul A.,National University of Sciences and Technology | And 6 more authors.
Frontiers in Plant Science | Year: 2016

Jasmonates (JAs) [Jasmonic acid (JA) and methyl jasmonates (MeJAs)] are known to take part in various physiological processes. Exogenous application of JAs so far tested on different plants under abiotic stresses particularly salinity, drought, and temperature (low/high) conditions have proved effective in improving plant stress tolerance. However, its extent of effectiveness entirely depends on the type of plant species tested or its concentration. The effects of introgression or silencing of different JA- and Me-JA- related genes have been summarized in this review, which have shown a substantial role in improving crop yield and quality in different plants under stress or non-stress conditions. Regulation of JAs synthesis is impaired in stressed as well as unstressed plant cells/tissues, which is believed to be associated with a variety of metabolic events including signal transduction. Although, mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs) are important components of JA signaling and biosynthesis pathways, nitric oxide, ROS, calcium, ABA, ethylene, and salicylic acid are also important mediators of plant growth and development during JA signal transduction and synthesis. The exploration of other signaling molecules can be beneficial to examine the details of underlying molecular mechanisms of JA signal transduction. Much work is to be done in near future to find the proper answers of the questions like action of JA related metabolites, and identification of universal JA receptors etc. Complete signaling pathways involving MAPKs, CDPK, TGA, SIPK, WIPK, and WRKY transcription factors are yet to be investigated to understand the complete mechanism of action of JAs. © 2016 Ahmad, Rasool, Gul, Sheikh, Akram, Ashraf, Kazi and Gucel.

Arora R.,Government Degree College Boys
Journal of Microwave Power and Electromagnetic Energy | Year: 2011

Reductive alkylation of amines with carbonyl compounds is a useful method for the production of N-alkylated amines, a rapid, mild, efficient, inexpensive and environmentally friendly procedure is reported for the reductive alkylation of amines with aromatic aldehydes using ammonium formate and NiCl 2/SiO 2 with microwave heating.

Physicochemical properties like density, apparent molar volume, ultrasound velocity, isoentropic compressibility, viscosity, and conductivity of aqueous solutions of hexadecyldimethylethylammonoum bromide as a function of concentration at different temperatures ranging from (298.15 to 323.15) K have been determined. Critical micellar concentration values depend upon the technique used. Density data have been used to calculate the apparent molar volume of the surfactant. Viscosity data have been employed to compute degrees of hydration based on the Vand and Einstien equation. Conductivity measurements have been used to evaluate the degree of counterion binding and various thermodynamic paramaters. © 2012 American Chemical Society.

Lone M.A.,Government Science and Commerce College | Wani M.R.,Government Degree College Boys
International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences | Year: 2012

Indiscriminate use of chemicals regardless of climate, soil vigor and other factors has adversely affected the environmental quality and soil ecosystem. Fungi play a key role in maintaining the biogeochemical cycles in the soil by utilizing many recalcitrant chemical compounds and some common insecticides. In the present study, many fungal species were isolated from the rhizosphere of Juglans regia L. in the Northern regions of Jammu and Kashmir, India and tested in thisinsecticide utilization-screening programme. Among the isolated strains, only Trichoderma koningii, Penicillium notatum, Aspergillus terricola and A. niger were successful in degrading the supplemented insecticides viz., dimethoate and pyrethroid. The strains exhibited the optimal growth in the temperature range of 20-300C. The two insecticides were providedas the sole source of carbon and nitrogen in the Potato Dextrose Agar (Hi Media). Trichoderma koningii used dimethoate as carbon source at a faster rate compared to that of pyrethroid as the nitrogen source. However, Penicillium notatum andAspergillus niger used dimethoate both as carbon and nitrogen sources. Trichoderma koningii and Aspergillus niger utilized pyrethroid as carbon source more vigorously than Penicillium notatum and Aspergillus terricola.

Arora R.,Government Degree College Boys | Gupta R.,Jammu University
Oxidation Communications | Year: 2013

In order to develop a cost-effective and green procedure for the oxidation of benzoins to benzils, the use of different metal salts supported over silica for the oxidation of benzoins to benzils is described.

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