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Higuchi T.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2010

Biometric authentication technology is progressing from single-modal to multi-modal authentications that are capable of increasing the certainty of biometric authentications. The biological features that coexist in the same area of the human body may be perceived as a means of multi-modal authentication. Biometric authentication using blood vessel patterns or fingerprints are seen as promising technologies for the biometric authentication domain of the future. This is because the scanning of these body areas is a relatively simple process that is easily done compared to the multi-modal authentication of other body features. Source

Kazuhiko Y.,NEC Design and Promotion Ltd. | Tomomi O.,NEC Design and Promotion Ltd. | Man T.,NEC Design and Promotion Ltd. | Iwao O.,NEC Design and Promotion Ltd. | Masashi O.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2011

Information displayed on the flight information system (FIS) is very important for airport users for acquiring flight information or details of the available airport facilities. In order to construct FIS at the International Flight Passenger Terminal of Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport), we employed the UCD (user-centered design) concept in order to achieve a human-friendly "Universal Design. Source

Asogawa M.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2010

As discussed in the feature pages of this special issue, NEC is developing products for matching fingerprints, palm-prints and face matching. In addition, NEC has since a few years ago also been conducting R&D for a "DNA analysis system that is capable of field applications." When this system is used together with existing fingerprint, palmprint and face matching systems, a composite matching system is created that contributes significantly to the realization of a safe and secure society. Source

Sakamoto S.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2010

NEC possesses world leading fingerprint authentication and face recognition technologies. This paper introduces some of our products that are used in applying these core security technologies, namely, the fingerprint authentication solution SecureFinger and the face recognition development kit NeoFace. In addition, of the solutions NEC provides for more than 480 customers in more than 30 countries worldwide the paper focuses on HANIS, which is a citizen ID system supporting the public services of the Republic of South Africa and explains its future role in that country. NEC contributes to the public safety of countries all over the world by offering solutions supporting applications from criminal investigations to public services. Source

Mizoguchi M.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit | Hara M.,Government and Public Solutions Operations Unit
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2010

NEC has long been carrying out R&D improving the accuracy of automated fingerprint/palmprint matching technology. This paper introduces the technology for eliminating noise information from an image in which unnecessary fingerprints or patterns are superimposed as noise disturbance, which often causes a problem with latent prints collected at crime scenes. The development of this technology is expected to enable high-accuracy latent print matching operations while reducing the human work input. Source

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