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Goodrich, MI, United States

The Goodrich Corporation formerly the B.F. Goodrich Company, was an American aerospace manufacturing company based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Founded in Akron, Ohio in 1870 as Goodrich, Tew & Co. by Dr. Benjamin Franklin Goodrich. The company name was changed to the "B.F. Goodrich Company" in 1880, to BFGoodrich in the 1980s, and to "Goodrich Corporation" in 2001.In 1869 Benjamin Franklin Goodrich purchased the Hudson River Rubber Company, a small business in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. The following year Goodrich accepted an offer of $13,600 from the citizens of Akron, Ohio, to relocate his business there. Goodrich ranked 67th among United States corporations in the value of World War II military production contracts.The company grew to be one of the largest tire and rubber manufacturers in the world, helped in part by the 1986 merger with Uniroyal . This product line was sold to Michelin in 1988, and the company merged with Rohr , Coltec Industries, and TRW Aeronautical Systems in 2002. The sale of the specialty chemicals division and subsequent change to the current name completed the transformation. In 2006, company sales were $5.8 billion, of which 18%, 16% and 12% of total revenues were accounted for by the U.S. government, Airbus and Boeing, respectively.In 1936 the company entered the Mexican market in a joint venture with Euzkadi . The Troy, Ohio plant was purchased in 1946 from Waco. Since then, Goodrich has manufactured wheels and brakes for a variety of aircraft. Among these are commercial, military, regional, and business programs. This successful operation lies at the core of Goodrich's business. Competitors include the aerostructures divisions of companies such as Honeywell, Messier-Bugatti, Aircraft Braking Systems, and SNECMA. The Hood Rubber Company was sold before the Great Depression as a division of the B.F. Goodrich Company.Though BFGoodrich is a popular brand name of tires, the Goodrich Corporation exited the tire business in 1988. The tire business and use of the name was sold to Michelin. Before the sale to Michelin, Goodrich ran television and print ads showing an empty expanse of blue sky, to distinguish themselves from the similar-sounding Goodyear tire company. The tag line was, "See that blimp up in the sky? We're the other guys!" The company was also sometimes confused with Mr. Goodwrench as the two last names were very close and especially when B.F. Goodrich tires were featured on many General Motors cars and trucks. Wikipedia.

Goodrich Corporation | Date: 2015-11-03

An electrical swivel system may have a movable swivel member adapted to connect to a landing gear and a fixed swivel member adapted to connect to an airframe. Each may have an interface apparatus whereby electrical signals may be conducted between components of the movable swivel member and the fixed swivel member. In this manner, electrical signals may be conveyed across a mechanically movable joint.

Goodrich Corporation | Date: 2015-10-30

Methods for testing the operation of an aircraft braking system utilize the steps of applying a predetermined electrical energy level to an electromechanical actuator attached to a brake assembly, followed by discontinuing electrical energy to the electromechanical actuator. In some test methods, an actuation level of the electromechanical actuator is determined and used to evaluate braking performance. In other tests, a voltage generated by an electric motor in an actuator is measured and used to evaluate braking performance.

A corrosion inhibition composition is disclosed comprising a cerium, a tungstate, a molybdate and silicate compounds. A corrosion inhibition composition is provided comprising a zinc oxide, a zinc hydroxide benzoate, a sodium benzoate, a molybdate and a silicate compound. A corrosion inhibition composition is provided comprising a zinc oxide, a zinc phosphate, a calcium silicate, an aluminum phosphate, a zinc calcium strontium aluminum orthophosphate silicate hydrate, a molybdate, and silicate compounds.

Goodrich Corporation | Date: 2015-03-18

A heat transfer system comprises a substrate and a thin film coating in physical and thermal contact with the substrate at an interface. The substrate is configured to transmit thermal waves, and has a first effusivity and a first thickness. The thin film coating has a second effusivity less than the first effusivity, and a second thickness less than the first thickness

Goodrich Corporation | Date: 2015-07-02

Systems and methods disclosed herein may be useful for aircraft heat shield assemblies. In this regard, a heat shield assembly is provided comprising a heat shield having an aperture, the aperture comprising an end portion and an insertion portion, the insertion portion having a width larger than the end portion, a spacer comprising an upper portion, an undermount flange and a gap between the upper portion and the undermount flange, wherein a surface of the gap is engaged with the heat shield, and wherein the undermount flange has a width less than the insertion portion of the aperture and greater than the width of the end portion.

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