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Gobichettipalayam, India

Senthilkumar B.,Bharathiar University | Kalai Selvan R.,Bharathiar University | Vinothbabu P.,Gobi Arts and Science College | Perelshtein I.,Bar - Ilan University | Gedanken A.,Bar - Ilan University
Materials Chemistry and Physics | Year: 2011

Submicron-sized NiFe2O4 particles were synthesized by the molten salt method at 900 °C using binary melts of a NaCl and KCl mixture that acts as a flux. The X-ray diffraction pattern confirmed the single phase, high crystalline and cubic structure of NiFe2O4 with a Fd3m space group. The FT-IR spectra reveal the stretching vibration of octahedral complexes of Fe3+-O2- through the observed band around 552.3 cm-1. The SEM and TEM image had indicated the formation of submicron-sized NiFe2O4 particles. The ferrimagnetic behavior and high saturation magnetization of 44 emu g-1 was elucidated by VSM. The maximum electrical conductivity of 1.42 × 10 -4 S cm-1 was observed at 873 K. The NiFe 2O4 showed a pseudocapacitive property in 1 M of a LiClO4 electrolyte and exhibited a specific capacitance of 18.5 F g-1 at 10 mV s-1. The hydrogen evolution reaction was also studied for NiFe2O4 in 1 M of a H2SO 4 solution. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Kumar G.D.,Gobi Arts and Science College | Sethuram M.,VSB Engineering College
Optik | Year: 2016

A new organic charge transfer complex, dimethylammonium 4-nitrobenzoate was crystallized by slow evaporation solution technique at room temperature. The stoichiometric ratio of the title complex was confirmed by elemental analysis. The crystal structure of the complex was determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis to be monoclinic crystal system with space group C2/c. The cell parameters are a = 40.123 (3) Å, b = 8.9533 (7) Å, c = 11.8240 (9) Å, β = 93.774° (4) and V = 4238.4 (6) Å3. The UV-visible absorption and transmittance spectra show the absorptions at 324 and 380 nm and the lower cut-off wavelength at 450 nm, respectively. The various functional groups were confirmed by Fourier Transform Infra-red (FTIR) spectrum. The thermal stability of the complex was studied by using thermogravimetric and differential thermal (TG-DTA) analyses and the compound was found to be stable up to 170 °C. Kurtz - Perry powder technique was used to find out NLO property of the grown crystal. The softness of complex was confirmed by Vicker's microhardness test. © 2015 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved. Source

Senthildevi K.A.,Gobi Arts and Science College
2015 International Conference on Communication and Signal Processing, ICCSP 2015 | Year: 2015

Audio mining is a speaker independent speech processing technique and is related to data mining. Keyword spotting plays an important role in audio mining. Keyword spotting is retrieval of all instances of a given keyword in spoken utterances. It is well suited to data mining tasks that process large amount of speech such as telephone routing and to audio document indexing. Feature extraction is the first step for all speech processing tasks. This Paper presents an approach for keyword spotting in isolated Tamil utterances using Multidimensional Mel Frequency Cepstral Coefficient feature vectors and DTW algorithm. The accuracy of keyword spotting is measured with 12D, 26D and 39D MFCC feature vectors for month names in Tamil language and the performances of the mu1tidimensional MFCCs are compared. The code is developed in the MATLAB environment and performs the identification satisfactorily. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Balasubramaniam C.P.,Karpagam University | Thigarasu V.,Gobi Arts and Science College
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2015

The Supply chain can describe the activities that are involved in the chain, or the companies, or the different functions. In literature there are a lot of models describing the Supply chain from different perspectives. Currently supply chains performance measurement systems suffer from being too inward looking, ignoring external environmental factors that might affect the overall supply chain performance when setting new targets. The most efficient Supply chain is the one that has the lowest possible cost and at the same time meet the customer's expectations on service like delivery precision and lead-time. In this study decision based technique C4.5 is improved using correlation coefficient of Kendall for effective classification. The correlation coefficient of Kendall is adapted to improve the system. The C4.5 not only produce discrete attributes, but also continuous ones can be handled, handling incomplete training data with missing values and it is prune during the construction of trees to avoid over-fitting. The accuracy is calculated by sensitivity and specificity for the proposed and existing technique for the textile synthesis dataset. Obtained results will prove the efficiency of this proposed technique based on its accuracy. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2015. Source

Mallika N.M.,Sri Vasavi College SFW | Srinivasan B.,Gobi Arts and Science College
International Journal of Control Theory and Applications | Year: 2016

The development of Cloud Computing (CC) services is catching up speed due to which the rate at which the organizations do the outsourcing of their computational services or carry on their sale of their non-active computational assets. Security is a highlighted concern in cloud and distributed cloud systems. Limited control over the data may incur various security issues and threats which include data leakage, insecure interface, sharing of resources, data corruption, and data availability. During the occurrence of data corruption, the application's QoS requirement cannot have continuous support. In order to provide a clear vision and solving of these problems, this article attempts to identify the chief security issues and data corruption solutions in the field of cloud computing. Data replication is another issue in distributed systems. For the purpose of security, propose a Multilevel Differential Evolution Threshold (MDET) based secret sharing scheme of security for cloud computing, yielding an overview of the status of security currently present in this evolving technology. In MDET enhance the security of secret key in a distributed cloud environment. In the proposed work split secret into multiple shares and store them in different locations using MDET secret sharing scheme. Solve data corruption problem, Multi-Stage Stochastic Integer Programming (MSSIP) is adapted with the intuitive concept of Quality of Service (QoS) to conduct data replication. MDET secret sharing scheme create replicas of secret shares and distribute them among multiple resource providers to ensure availability. An experimentation result shows that the proposed MDET based secret sharing scheme, in addition to identifying the related vulnerabilities and threats along with feasible solutions when compared to existing state of art methods. © International Science Press. Source

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