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Kaur K.,LLRIET Moga | Sharma A.S.,GNDEC Ludhiana | Sohal H.S.,LLRIET Moga | Kaur A.,LLRIET Moga
2015 2nd International Conference on Recent Advances in Engineering and Computational Sciences, RAECS 2015 | Year: 2015

Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks are getting popular every year and adding more number of users to the networks. The LTE networks offer very high transmission throughput albeit, which also attracts the hackers to the networks. The primary security has to be provided in order to prevent the attacks during the initial set up phase as well during the other network transactions. Adaptive Random Key Scheme for Authentication and Key Agreement (ARKS-AKA) is presented in this paper for efficient LTE security. ARKS-AKA is intended to reduce the delay time for the voice data delivery. The proposed model diminishes the LTE call drops due to the false positive key matching transactions. ARKS-AKA offers the lightweight key management scheme with double layer encryption contrasted with the existing model termed as Efficient Extensible Authentication Protocol-Authentication and Key Agreement (EEPS-AKA). The simulation results proved the effectiveness of the proposed model. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Thulium doped fiber amplifier is a good candidate for S, and S+ band. This paper demonstrated a three pump pumping scheme for thulium doped fiber amplifier with 1050 nm co propagating pump and 1400 nm and 800 nm counter propagating pumps with a total pumping power 600 mW. This configuration yields up to 33 dB gain in 20 nm region from 1460 nm to 1480 nm, with noise figure <4 dB. To the knowledge of authors it is the highest gain achieved by thulium-doped amplifier in a single pass configuration with good power conversion efficiency. © 2012 Elsevier GmbH. All rights reserved. Source

Boparai K.S.,RIMT IET Mandi Gobindgarh | Singh R.,GNDEC Ludhiana
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

The purpose of the present investigations is to study the effect of vacuum moulding (VM) process parameters (namely: chemical composition, component volume and vacuum pressure) for development of statistically controlled Al-SiC MMC. Starting from the identification of component/benchmark, technological prototypes were prepared by VM process for functional validation of the parts. The study suggested the long-term performance level of the VM process after it has been brought under statistical control as casting solution for Al-SiC MMC. The provided data from the experimentation highlights the ability of the VM process to produce a product that will consistently meet the design requirements and the customer expectation. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Mehan V.,National Institute of Technology Jalandhar | Dhir R.,National Institute of Technology Jalandhar | Brar Y.S.,GNDEC Ludhiana
2013 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing, Computing and Control, ISPCC 2013 | Year: 2013

Digital watermarking has developed immensely for multimedia uses in the current decade. The requirement for protected digital content grows vital with the enhancement in exchange of digital images on internet. Watermarking is a technique to safeguard digital media by retaining the owner's possession. Fingerprinting extends the watermarking concept by embedding unique purchaser's information. This paper presents a joint digital watermarking and fingerprinting approach for colored digital images applied in double DCT domain. The approach aims at copyright protection and traitor identification of digital images. Altered mid-frequency coefficients are analyzed by applying forward DCT transform. Watermark and fingerprint are embedded in a non-overlying manner. Second DCT allows for the precise determination of the block, for embedding data. The double domain can enhance the embedding capacity of the host image by choosing more than one coefficients in a given block. Simulation outcomes reveal that the watermark is immune to JPEG compression, additive noise and median filtering. Quality of the image is retained, as the results reveal a Peak Signal to Noise Ratio (PSNR) in range of 58-73 dB. © 2013 IEEE. Source

Garg H.,MRRSSTU Bathinda | Singh R.,GNDEC Ludhiana
Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals | Year: 2016

The present research work highlights the fabrication of Fe-nylon6 composite wire by varying proportion of Fe in nylon6 matrix (by weight) along with wear and friction characteristics of the composite wire. The composite wire prepared has been used as a feedstock filament in place of the existing ABS material in the fused deposition modelling (FDM) machine (without any software and hardware modifications in the existing FDM setup). Comparison of wear of three different Fe-nylon6 compositions and ABS at varying loads along with the variation of coefficient of friction and the frictional force has been carried out. The objective is to study the variation of wear and friction characteristics with the variation of the filler material (Fe) in the composite. It is concluded that all the three composite materials are highly wear resistant, having less friction coefficient, less frictional force than the recommended material (ABS) for FDM system. The surface morphology shows even distribution of Fe particles in the matrix which increases with the increase in percentage of Fe in the composite. © 2016 The Indian Institute of Metals - IIM Source

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