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Sahāranpur, India

Sarkar P.,Graphic Era University | Rawat D.,Graphic Era University | Singh R.N.,Glocal University | Thapliyal A.,Graphic Era University
International Journal of ChemTech Research | Year: 2016

It is generally observed that the productivity of soil and reduction of soil quality has occurred globally due to the excessive use of chemical fertilizer. Alternative methods to improve crop yield without chemical fertilizer is huge challenge worldwide. We have focused our efforts to isolate a plant growth promoter (PGP) from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and isolated a bacterial isolate ALKP12. We investigated this ALKP 12 isolate for PGP activity using Hordeum vulgare L. as model plant. After eight days of experiments done in pots in triplicates, we calculated the germination rate, shoot and root height and compared the result with chemical fertilizer, organic manure, water, combination of ALKP 12 and manure and a known bio inoculants. Our results showed that germination rate of seeds of Hordeum vulgare was up to 90 percent and averaged 83 ± 3.5 percent which was significantly higher (statistically) when compared to other five treatment groups. The average shoot and root height of the model plant reached up to 34.89 ± 0.59 cm and 10.97 ± 0.873 cm respectively on the 8th day when the seeds were treated with high phosphatase producing isolate ALKP 12. only. This growth was significantly higher when compared with organic manure group that had 11.530 ± 1.056 cm as shoot height and 2.68±0.569 cm as root height for the same day. These result suggest that ALKP 12 can be used as a bio inoculants for increasing growth of Hordeum vulgare after further experiments. © 2016, Sphinx Knowledge House. All rights reserved.

Ganti R.,Glocal University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Indian agriculture sector heavily depends on monsoon rainfall for successful harvesting. In the past, prediction of rainfall was mainly performed using regression models, which provide reasonable accuracy in the modelling and forecasting of complex physical systems. Recently, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have been proposed as efficient tools for modelling and forecasting. A feed-forward multi-layer perceptron type of ANN architecture trained using the popular back-propagation algorithm was employed in this study. Other techniques investigated for modeling monthly monsoon rainfall include linear and non-linear regression models for comparison purposes. The data employed in this study include monthly rainfall and monthly average of the daily maximum temperature in the North Central region in India. Specifically, four regression models and two ANN model's were developed. The performance of various models was evaluated using a wide variety of standard statistical parameters and scatter plots. The results obtained in this study for forecasting monsoon rainfalls using ANNs have been encouraging. India's economy and agricultural activities can be effectively managed with the help of the availability of the accurate monsoon rainfall forecasts. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Samaiya D.,Glocal University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Due to advancement in low cost, easily available, yet powerful hardware and revolution in open source software, urge to make newer, more interactive machines and electronic systems have increased manifold among engineers. To make system more interactive, designers need easy to use sensor systems. Giving the boon of vision to machines was never easy, though it is not impossible these days; it is still not easy and expensive. This work presents a low cost, moderate performance & programmable Image processing engine. This Image processing engine is able to capture real time images, can store the images in the permanent storage and can perform preprogrammed image processing operations on the captured images. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Michu S.,Glocal University | Kaushik V.,ITM University
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2014

Multivariate analysis is a type of multivariate statistical approach commonly used in, automotive diagnosis, education evaluating clusters in finance etc and more recently in the health-related professions. The objective of the paper is to provide a detailed exploratory discussion about factor analysis (FA) in image retrieval method and correlation analysis (CA) of network traffic. Image retrieval methods aim to retrieve relevant images from a collected database, based on their content. The problem is made more difficult due to the high dimension of the variable space in which the images are represented. Multivariate correlation analysis proposes an anomaly detection and analysis method based on the correlation coefficient matrix. Anomaly behaviors in the network include the various attacks on the network like DDOs attacks and network scanning. © 2014 AIP Publishing LLC.

Sharma N.K.,Glocal University | Pal R.,Jawaharlal Nehru University | Sehgal D.K.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi | Pandey R.K.,Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Materials Performance and Characterization | Year: 2014

The complex nature of bone material results in a locational variation of fracture and mechanical properties. The heterogeneity associated with bone material and complex hierarchical assembly results in several toughening mechanisms, such as plasticity, micro-cracking, viscoplasticity, etc. These toughening mechanisms and presence of water in bone material makes the linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM) inapplicable in such materials. The present work is focused on the elastic-plastic fracture mechanics (EPFM) approach to estimate the locational variation in fracture properties of buffalo cortical bone for longitudinal, as well as transverse orientation of cracking. Samples from upper, middle, and lower locations of bone diaphysis were tested using compact tension and single-edge notch-bending testing methods for longitudinal and transverse orientation of cracking, respectively. The crack-tip opening displacement (CTOD) approach was applied to determine fracture properties, such as CTOD toughness (δc), J integral (Jcδ), and equivalent fracture toughness (Kδc) at different locations of bone diaphysis. The effect of orientation and location on mechanical properties of cortical bone, such as elastic modulus (E) and yield strength (σys), was also analyzed with the help of tensile testing. The equivalent fracture toughness values (Kδc) obtained in the present work were found to be three times higher than the corresponding values reported in the previous reports where the LEFM approach was applied favoring the application of EPFM for bone materials. The mechanical properties, as well as the fracture properties, were found to be maximum at middle location and minimum at lower location of bone diaphysis. The locational variation in fracture and mechanical properties observed in the present work are considered to be because of locational distribution of collagen fibrils, minerals, porosity, and density at different locations of bone diaphysis. © 2014 by ASTM International.

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