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Tucson, AZ, United States

Global Solar Energy is a manufacturer of CIGS solar cells, a thin-film based photovoltaic technology, with manufacturing operations in Tucson, Arizona, US, and Berlin, Germany. In 2013, it was bought by China's Hanergy. Wikipedia.

Global Solar Energy | Date: 2014-01-28

Thin film photovoltaic cells and strings of cells may be electrically joined in series. More specifically, electrical contacts between photovoltaic cells may be formed by positioning the cells between a pair of interconnection substrates, each of which includes a conductive grid. By positioning the cells appropriately between the substrates, an electrical connection is formed between one polarity of a given cell and the opposite polarity of an adjacent cell.

Global Solar Energy | Date: 2013-12-16

Improved methods and apparatus for forming thin-film layers of chalcogenide on a substrate web. Solutions containing the reactants for the chalcogenide layer may be contained substantially to the front surface of the web, controlling the boundaries of the reaction and avoiding undesired deposition of chalcogenide upon the back side of the web.

Global Solar Energy | Date: 2012-05-29

Thin film PV cells and strings of such cells that may be electrically joined with conductive tabs or ribbons. A semi-flexible, electrically conductive adhesive is applied to join the tabs to the front and back of a cell, providing a conductive pathway between the tab and solar cell, with good adhesion to both. The tabs may be constructed of one or more materials having a thermal expansion coefficient that closely matches that of the substrate material of the cells, so that when the string or module is subsequently heated, mechanical stress between the tab and solar cell is minimized. The semi-flexible nature of the ECA also acts to relieve stress between the tab and the solar cell, decreasing the possibility of adhesion failure at critical locations. One or more dielectric materials may be applied to the PV cells and/or the tabs in regions where a tab crosses the edge of a cell, to avoid electrical shorting between the negative and positive electrodes of the cell.

Global Solar Energy | Date: 2012-01-16

Thin film photovoltaic cells and methods of manufacturing such cells that include one or more diffusion barrier layers configured to provide a relatively smooth growth surface for subsequent deposition of a p-type semiconductor layer. Diffusion barrier layers according to the present teachings may be amorphous, microcrystalline or nanocrystalline layers of materials including molybdenum, conductive oxides, conductive nitrides, conductive carbides, or mixtures thereof. In some cases a diffusion barrier layer may be configured to have surface roughness less than a predetermined threshold value.

Global Solar Energy | Date: 2013-06-24

A method of manufacturing solar cell includes providing a semiconductor substrate. A coating layer is then formed on a plurality of sides. Subsequently, an anti-reflective layer is formed on the layer. Finally at least one first electrode and at least one second electrode are formed. The first and second electrodes respectively and electrically connect to the second conductive amorphous substrate and the semiconductor substrate. The potential induced degradation is greatly reduced.

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