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Okanoya K.,Global Products and Services Development Division
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2015

Business environments vary continuously and are becoming more and more complicated. While a mechanism that can deal with environmental change is required, IoT (Internet of Things) is expected to be capable of creating new values by solving various issues. To implement the world of IoT, the embedding technology connecting the real world and IoT is of increasing importance. This paper introduces system solutions for achieving effective IoT that can deal with the constraints effected by various utilization environments, etc. This is done by implementing functions such as sensors, data communication and data processing. Source

Otsuka N.,1st Manufacturing Industries Solutions Division | Nishina M.,Manufacturing and Process Industries Systems Development Division | Higashihara K.,Global Products and Services Development Division | Umezu K.,Knowledge Discovery Research Laboratories | And 3 more authors.
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2015

The optimization of spare parts inventories is an issue that is commonly found in the manufacturing industry. NEC Fielding, who are the subsidiary of the NEC Group and manage the maintenance business, also have similar concerns, because traditional statistical techniques have had limited accuracy in predicting the future demand for repair parts. The company therefore has decided to adopt NEC's big data analysis technology "heterogeneous mixture learning." This has enabled them to forecast demands with high accuracy. They have thereby succeeding in reducing by about 20% the inventory of the high-rotation parts that occupy a large share of the spare parts shipments. As the stockout risk is also estimated, this approach has allowed the company to challenge a more thorough optimization of the inventory. This paper describes the spare parts demand forecasting procedures performed at NEC Fielding by using the heterogeneous mixture learning engine and includes discussion of its resulting effects. Source

Noguchi Y.,Global Products and Services Development Division
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2015

NEC's approach to value chain innovation involving safer, more secure and more comfortable living through value chain innovation, is discussed. It is necessary to tackle Value Chain Innovation that creates new value by connecting people, goods and processes in the supply chain that links manufacturing, logistics, and retail and services. Value Chain Innovation is contributing to production planning optimization, inventory replenishment and inventory management through shared understanding of the status of sales and inventory in the supply chain and demand forecasting in the manufacturing sector. Source

Saito N.,Medical Solutions Division | Takahashi Y.,Medical Solutions Division | Kozaki M.,Medical Solutions Division | Kuwahara K.,Global Products and Services Development Division | Kubo M.,Green Platform Research Laboratories
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2015

As Japan is facing a hyper-aged society, Personal Health Records (PHRs), which patients collect and manage their own healthcare information, is currently attracting attention. NEC is advancing R&D to collect "symptom data," "drug adherence data" and "continuously monitored blood pressure data" by directly and objectively accessing the source which are hard to gather sufficiently. With this technology, NEC will contribute to a reduction in the wasteful medical expenses caused by forgetting to take medicines, to the new drug development earlier with quality improvement of clinical trials, and to support higher accurate diagnoses and better medical care. Source

Kitagawa T.,Global Products and Services Development Division | Tanaka K.,Global Products and Services Development Division
NEC Technical Journal | Year: 2015

IoT - the Internet of Things - is "the next big thing" and it's already here. Revolving around the incorporation of sensors in physical objects or "things", or sensing the event or changes of environment. And then using cloud-based applications to analyze and leverage the data collected by those sensors in real time to create new values, IoT is rapidly accelerating worldwide As a major player in communications and database technologies, NEC is well positioned to capitalize on this trend and promote its development. The company has developed and reorganized its core technologies and system technologies to create the foundation for a powerful new IoT platform. These systems are already having an impact in the healthcare feld, which has conventionally been difficult to turn into a service, as well as in the physical distribution industry, which is involved in the transportation of goods. To this point, the biggest impact by far has been in the M2M market where mechanisms to quickly configure systems by more efficiently using existing infrastructures and networks are now beginning to be deployed. Source

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