Getrag is the world's largest supplier of transmission systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The company was founded on 1 May 1935, in Ludwigsburg, Germany, by Hermann Hagenmeyer; as the Getriebe und Zahnradfabrik Hermann Hagenmeyer GmbH & Cie KG.Headquartered in Untergruppenbach in Germany, Getrag manufactures and develops passenger car transmission products and solutions for the important automotive markets Europe, Asia and North America with 24 locations and about 12,500 employees worldwide. In 2011, the company had a turnover of three billion Euros.The company has three joint ventures: Getrag Ford Transmissions headquartered in Cologne with Ford Motor Company, Getrag Transmission Co. Ltd. with Jiangling Motors Corporation., Ltd. and Dongfeng Getrag Transmission with Dongfeng Motor Corporation. In addition, Getrag supplies transmissions to a variety of automotive manufacturers, including BMW , Daimler AG, Ferrari, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Qoros, Renault, Volkswagen Group and Volvo. Competitors include Aisin Seiki Co., BorgWarner, Graziano Trasmissioni and ZF Friedrichshafen.The portfolio ranges from classical manual transmissions, automated manual transmissions and automatic transmissions based on dual clutch transmission technology to various hybridization solutions, range extender systems and purely electric drivetrains. Wikipedia.

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Getrag | Date: 2017-07-19

Disclosed is a transmission (110) for a motor vehicle. The transmission (110) comprises at least one rheological actuator (112). The rheological actuator (112) has at least one rheological fluid (114). The rheological actuator (112) has at least one rheological valve (116).

Disclosed is a fluid conducting device (10) for a motor vehicle transmission (5), comprising at least one fluid gap surface (30-40) which, in a cross-sectional view, is circular arc-shaped in relation to a longitudinal axis (14) so that a fluid gap (112) can form between the fluid gap surface (30-40) and an associated gear (110) of a motor vehicle transmission (5). The fluid conducting device (10) further comprises at least one axially extending groove (84; 94) which can be filled with fluid (113) from the top and which is designed to conduct accepted fluid in the axial direction.

A fluid supply device (110) is proposed for a transmission (112) for a motor vehicle. The fluid supply device (110) has at least one fluid supply device housing (114). At least one pump (116) and at least one electric motor (118) are integrated in the fluid supply device housing (114). The fluid supply device (110) is designed in a modular way.

Getrag and NTZ Nederland B.V. | Date: 2015-07-17

Fluid filter arrangement for a motor vehicle drive train. The filter arrangement comprises a filter housing, which has a fluid inlet and a fluid outlet, allowing fluid to flow in one flow direction from the fluid inlet to the fluid outlet. A filter insert is arranged in the filter housing and divides an interior of the filter housing into an inlet region connected to the fluid inlet and an outlet region connected to the fluid outlet. The filter insert has a filter medium for filtering fluid. The filter insert has a perforated plate having a plurality of holes. The holes are arranged ahead of the filter medium in the flow direction. The size of at least some of the holes is adapted so that fluid impinges upon the filter medium at an increased flow velocity.

Getrag | Date: 2015-04-17

A dual-clutch assembly for a dual-clutch transmission has an input shaft, a first friction clutch, a second friction clutch, a first output shaft, a second output shaft, a first piston/cylinder assembly, and a second piston/cylinder assembly. Input elements of the friction clutches are connected to the input shaft. Output elements of the friction clutches are each connected to one of the two output shafts. The friction clutches can each be actuated by means of one of the piston/cylinder assemblies. Each piston/cylinder assembly has a piston, which is supported so as to be axially movable in relation to an associated cylinder. Each cylinder is supported on a support on the side facing away from the piston in a region lying radially outside. Each cylinder is spaced apart from the support on the side facing away from the piston in a region lying radially inside.

A parking lock arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission has a housing. A parking lock wheel is connectable to a shaft of the motor vehicle transmission. A parking lock pawl is pivotable between a parking lock position and a release position about a pawl axis mounted on the housing. In the parking lock position, the parking lock pawl is in engagement with the parking lock wheel and prevents the rotation thereof. The parking lock arrangement comprises an actuating mechanism for the parking lock pawl and an actuator arrangement for the actuating mechanism. The actuator arrangement has a control member which is movable between a home position and a parking position and is coupled to the actuating mechanism. An actuating member is coupled to the control member via a releasable coupling device and to the actuating mechanism, wherein the actuating member is furthermore mechanically preloaded in one direction in order, via the actuating mechanism, to press the parking lock pawl into the parking lock position. The coupling device is designed in such a manner that it is releasable by means of an electric release signal.

A parking mechanism arrangement for a motor vehicle transmission has a housing and a shaft supported so that it can rotate in relation to the housing. A parking mechanism gear is rotationally fixed to the shaft and comprises a parking mechanism tooth system. A parking mechanism pawl is supported so that it can pivot about a pawl axis in relation to the housing and comprises a pawl tooth, which is capable of engaging in a tooth space of the parking mechanism tooth system in order to establish a locked position. An actuating mechanism comprises an actuating element, which acts upon an actuating portion of the parking mechanism pawl in order to pivot the parking mechanism pawl from a release position into the locked position. The actuating element is embodied as a cam ring, which is arranged concentrically with the shaft and which comprises a cam portion, which acts on the actuating portion in order to establish the locked position.

Axial securing ring (10) for inserting into a radial groove (74), the axial securing ring (10) being configured as an open flat ring with an annular section (12), at the ends of which in each case radially projecting lugs (14) are provided, the radial width (16) of the annular section (12) being substantially constant over the circumference. Here, the lugs (14) are produced by way of bending with respect to the annular section (12), and the axial securing ring (10) being plane-ground on its axial sides (24) (FIG. 1).

An electric machine arrangement for a motor vehicle drivetrain, having a machine housing which can be fixed to a drivetrain housing, a stator which is fixed relative to the machine housing, a rotor which is mounted, concentrically with respect to the stator, within the machine housing and which has a rotor axis, wherein an air gap is defined between the stator and the rotor. Here, the rotor has a rotary bearing section which is mounted, with a radial clearance, rotatably relative to a housing bearing section of the machine housing, wherein the radial clearance is smaller than the air gap.

Getrag | Date: 2015-06-05

Hybrid automotive transmission arrangement with a gear transmission for establishing at least one transmission ratio between a transmission input and a transmission output, wherein the gear transmission has a gear set with a coupling gear. An electric machine has a machine output shaft with a drive gear, which is coupled directly or via a coupling gear set to the coupling gear of the transmission gear set so that a power transmission pathway is established from the machine output shaft to the coupling gear. A slip clutch is arranged in the power transmission path.

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