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Koln, Germany

The German Aerospace Center , abbreviated DLR, is the national center for aerospace, energy and transportation research of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its headquarters are located in Cologne and it has other multiple locations throughout Germany. The DLR is engaged in a wide range of research and development projects in national and international partnerships. In addition to conducting its own research projects, DLR also acts as the German space agency. As such, it is responsible for planning and implementing the German space programme on behalf of the German federal government. As a project management agency, DLR also coordinates and answers the technical and organizational implementation of projects funded by a number of German federal ministries. Wikipedia.

German Aerospace Center | Date: 2015-05-28

An optical energy transmission system having an energy-emitting unit is provided. The energy-emitting unit has a laser radiation source for generating an energy-transmitting laser beam and an aiming device for aligning the energy-transmitting laser beam relative to an energy-receiving unit which includes an optical/electrical converter, which converts the energy of the energy-transmitting laser beam into electrical energy. The converter has at least one converter element having a plurality of surfaces which reflect the energy-transmitting laser beam and which are arranged relative to one another such that the impinging energy-transmitting laser beam is deflected by one of the reflective surfaces to another one of the reflective surfaces. At least some of the reflective surfaces are formed by a conversion unit which reflects one part of the impinging laser beam and absorbs the other part thereof in a photovoltaic element, and in the process converts the optical energy into electrical energy.

German Aerospace Center | Date: 2013-04-22

A robotic arrangement for use in medical fields has a robot arm having, in particular, a plurality of hinges, an instrument holder provided on the robot arm in order to receive a medical instrument, and supply lines which can be connected to the instrument. An adapter element is used for connecting the supply lines to the instrument.

German Aerospace Center | Date: 2015-03-25

A robot system comprising a transport device and a robot, wherein the transport device has a receiving means for receiving a robot and a movement device connected with the receiving device. The robot comprises a robot base, wherein at least one manipulator element is connected with the robot base. Further, a fastening device is connected with the robot base for fastening the robot to a holding device. Moreover, a transport device receiving means is connected with the robot base for fastening the robot to the transport device.

The method for providing a warning of radiation-dose-relevant space-weather events at cruising altitudes comprises the steps of detecting radiation data of the atmospheric radiation, particularly of the ionized radiation in the atmosphere, and providing a radiation model for 3D-spatially resolved estimation of a radiation field at cruising altitudes of the earths atmosphere by use of a radiation dose rate scale based on a continuous range of values. Moreover, the 3D-spatially resolved rates of the effective radiation dose on the basis of the detected radiation data and the radiation model will be estimated. The radiation dose rate scale is divided, based on a continuous range of values, into a discrete, i.e. graduated radiation dose rate scale comprising individual successive ranges of values of increasing radiation dose rates, and respectively one index will be assigned to each range of values, wherein a first range of values is between a radiation dose rate of zero and a presettable first upper limit, a second range of values is between the first upper limit and a second upper limit which is equal to a presettable multiple of the first upper limit, and each further range of values is between the upper limit of the next smaller range of values and an upper limit which is equal to the presettable multiple of the upper limit of the next smaller range of values. As a warning, there is indicated the index of that range of values within which is situated the estimated radiation dose rate for a presettable range in the earths atmosphere.

German Aerospace Center | Date: 2015-08-24

A method and a device for the infusion of a matrix material into a fibrous material is used for the production of a fiber composite component. The matrix material is infused into the fibrous material, which has been laid on the molding tool, by virtue of the matrix material from the reservoir being introduced from the infusion openings provided in the tool surface, such that said matrix material can be forced from said infusion openings into the fibrous material.

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