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Cibinong Satu, Indonesia

Nahib I.,Geospatial Information Agency BIG
35th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2014, ACRS 2014: Sensing for Reintegration of Societies | Year: 2014

Some problems that occur in the developing countries like Indonesia for assessing the condition of natural resources and environmental are the limited data availability as well as budget for conducting comprehensive research. The materials used in this study are: Land Use Spatial Data (2000-2011), Director General of Forestry Planning. Forest balance map derived from the geographic information systems analysis. Calculations of the economic valuation based on the benefit transfer method conducted based on economic valuations in the reference region, a map of the quality of the forest study sites, and socioeconomic characteristics of communities in the study area. Based on re-calibration, economic valuations reference area to be transferred can be estimated to the study site. Based on balance analysis of forest, deforestation happed in Buol Regency were 8, 406, 00 ha during the period 2000-2011 or about 764 ha year-1. Dryland forest primary experiencing a reduction of 3, 957 ha year -1, and lead to the addition of secondary dry forest of 35, 135 ha or about 3, 914 ha year-1. The impact of deforestation is causing the loss of 2, 420, 032 tonnes of carbon deposits equal 8, 881, 517 tonnes carbon dioksida to emissions. The economic losses caused by the carbon emissions, referring to Pirard D (2005) is a US $ 374, 669, 400. Economic valuation of forest in the study area is U.S. $ 28, 638.45 ha-1 year-1 or 204 % of the reference value.

Nahib I.,Geospatial Information Agency BIG
34th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2013, ACRS 2013 | Year: 2013

One of the potential coastal areas for seaweed marine culture development in Southeast Sulawesi is South Konawe Regency, " minapolitan regency". Seaweed is one of the commercial marine culture commodities of people in the coastal areas. Seaweed marine culture is growing rapidly in South Konawe Regency, because the technology is relatively simple and easily adapted and able to improve the welfare by fishermen. In an effort to support the development of seaweed marine culture in South Konawe, it is necessary to investigate the suitability of water for the seaweed marine culture. The method used are geographic information systems method and economic analysis. The results showed that the coastal waters of South Konawe were 10,751 ha classified as suitable, 25, 611 ha classified as conditional suitable, and 70, 736 ha classified as unsuitable. The economic analysis shows that seaweed marine culture should be developed with benefit cost ratio of 1.77 and a payback period of 0.37 years. Net Present Value indicates that over 5 years the marine culture of seaweed was every extensive for 0.5 hectare can get a profit of Rp 43,669,328 for the present value.

Ramdani D.,Geospatial Information Agency BIG
34th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2013, ACRS 2013 | Year: 2013

GPS is used increasingly and commonly in the last past year in all aspect of live. But the height information in GPS is not the actual height. To convert it to actual height is needed the geoid undulation. Geoid has three wavelengths i.e. short, medium and long. From these three geoids, the long wavelength which is obtained from the Global Geopotential Model (GGM) is the important one to determinant the geoid. In 2008 Pavlis NK (2012)1 from National Geospatial-intellegence Agancy (NGA) had established the global model - EGM2008 which has order and degree of 2190. This global model was validated and is used to calculate the geoid undulation worldwide. To find better GGM Validation was carried out with comparison between the geoid undulations from GGM with the geoid undulation from GPS-Leveling observation data. The result of this validation shows that EGM2008 in Sumatera and EGM96 from Lemoine (1998) 2 in Java has better results compare with other GGM. The standard deviation of the comparison of EGM2008 and GPS-Leveling is 33,4 cm which is the smallest in Sumatera and the comparison of EGM96 and GPS-Leveling in Java with the value of 87,4 cm is the smallest but more rougher than in Sumatera.

Amhar F.,Geospatial Information Agency BIG | Subagio H.,Center for Marine Resources Surveys
33rd Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2012, ACRS 2012 | Year: 2012

Any coastline extracted from aerial or satellite imageries is an actual or temporal line, influenced by tidal phenomena. On a map, we need well defined coastline, i.e. mean sea level coastline, or for some purposes high-water or low-water coastline, which must be looked for with the help of tidal data. In this paper we tried to extract the coastlines from multi-tidal-imageries. ALOS images will be selected based on tidal data or tidal prediction using WTIDES. The optical images (i.e. AVNIR) will be firstly selected based on cloud cover and then by tidal extrema, while the radar images (i.e. PALSAR) will be selected based only on tidal-extrema. Experiment shown that PALSAR multi-tidal-images are more suitable to get accurate mean sea-level.

Hidayatullah T.,Geospatial Information Agency BIG | Hidayatullah T.,Gadjah Mada University
34th Asian Conference on Remote Sensing 2013, ACRS 2013 | Year: 2013

Mangrove ecosystem and aquaculture in estuaries Delta Porong Jabon sub-district are at risk for experiencing pollution brought by the flooding caused by the disposal Sidoarjo Mud-vulcano. This study aim to identify coastal flooding of contaminated Sidoarjo Mud-vulcano around the mouth of the River Porong and estimate the economic value of fish-ponds and mangrove areas in the district of Sidoarjo Regency Jabon. The method used to identify the inundation flooding using flood models using elevation data from topographical map (RBI) converted into DEM data and information obtained from the highest tides in the community to apply in the flood inundation model. Land cover information was extracted from Landsat and Geoeye image through on-screen digitizing. Estimated fish-pond economy is based on the business value of aquaculture, especially shrimp and milkfish, while the economic value of mangrove based on benefit transfer method. The results showed a decrease economic value of productive fish-pond, but the mangrove forests value increased.

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