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Kochkarev D.V.,Geodesic
Journal of Optical Technology (A Translation of Opticheskii Zhurnal) | Year: 2015

This paper shows the conditions for the appearance and the character of the erosional microstructures on the surface of silicon photodiodes and single-crystal silicon that appear after the silicon is acted on by single and multiple pulses of laser radiation in an atmosphere of pure air and of air contaminated with the vapors of an organometallic compound. © 2015 Optical Society of America.

Geodesic | Date: 2014-05-13

Methods for performing geodesic edits and corresponding systems and computer-readable mediums. A method includes receiving a CAD model including at least a three-dimensional (3D) surface. The method includes receiving an edit of a first geodesic feature from a user and in response to the edit, performing a hierarchy-based update to the CAD model, including performing a corresponding edit to at least one other feature of the CAD model based on the edit to the first geodesic feature to produce an updated CAD model. The method includes storing the updated CAD model.

News Article | May 19, 2009

Indian mobile and desktop communication and entertainment Geodesic has bought South American messaging and collaborations company Interactive Networks, which will become a wholly owned subsidiary. The acquisition gets Geodesic into the South American and African markets — it was already in India, Europe, Asia and the US. There seem to be good synergies beyond geography: Geodesic gets some offerings for mobile carrier and enterprise markets and Interactive Networks can include Geodesic’s suite of entertainment and communication products as part of their portfolio. More at our sister site

News Article | August 8, 2014

AdSparx caters to Internet Video Publishers who distribute live events, linear TV and on-demand video content to mobile and internet. It enables dynamic, in-stream user targeted pre and mid rolls across all internet devices for these publishers. Internet TV is driving the internet video consumption on different devices. Monetizing this traffic on the internet still largely remains a problem and AdSparx addresses this problem by offering a single solution for in-stream video ads for multi-screen devices. Pune-based AdSparx is run by a team of 3 founders, Kunal Lagwankar, the CEO, Lilesh Ghadi, the CTO, and Ketan Barhate, who heads Engineering. Kunal looks after strategy, marketing and sales. Lilesh, an IIT Bombay alumnus, is into developing the technology features for AdSparx that gives the company the necessary competitive edge. Ketan, a VJTI Bombay graduate, tackles product delivery, customization and customer deployment. The founders of AdSparx are not new to the startup world. Mundu TV, India’s first Live Internet for GPRS networks, which was acquired by Geodesic in 2008, was their maiden venture. Mundu TV was the first OTT platform that offered Live TV content directly to consumers without any operator support. However, monetization remained a big problem even then. “That need for an offering like AdSparx was felt during our days at Mundu TV where despite high customer traction, we were unable to monetize video traffic,” says Kunal. After speaking with a lot of Ad Network companies in India and the US, the founders of AdSparx realized that none of them offered what they as publishers wanted. Most of the Ad Networks were focused on the web and mobile apps but none considered Internet TV as a separate vertical with its own needs. “There was a clear gap and we knew it would increase with increasing internet video consumption,” says Kunal. Armed with significant domain experience and clear understanding of the ecosystem, the founders drafted product specifications that would meet the needs of Video Content Publishers. That was the beginning. At present, video on internet devices is becoming a primary mode of consumption. It is a market that is growing exponentially. According to Kunal Lagwankar, “Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market for video consumption on mobile devices whereas internet video consumption on Smart TVs and IP set top boxes is preferred in developed markets. As per the Cisco Report, 75% of all consumer internet traffic is expected to be Internet Video. The Internet Video Ad industry is a US $4 billion market in the US and roughly US $9 billion globally. Share of Internet Video Advertisement is increasing at a very fast rate and is expected to double by 2018.” AdSparx is built on algorithms (patents for which are pending) and is a server side technology which makes AdSparx device agnostic, which is one of its key features as video viewing is no longer restricted to any particular device or form factor. What makes it unique, says Kunal, “is that it is built keeping in mind the needs of the Video Publisher. Its unique technology plugs in to the Publisher’s existing content distribution system, making integration an easy and convenient task.” This means that the Publisher does not require use of any special architecture or software to enable dynamic, user-targeted Video Ads. Nor is the Publisher required to change his workflow.” Being a server side technology platform, it is not dependent on the client device technology at all and hence remains content-format and device agnostic. It thus enables user-targeted pre and mid rolls across all internet connected devices for live events, linear TV and on-demand video. The ability to serve seamless, buffer-free Ad experience across multi-screen devices with a single integration is an important feature for Video Content Publishers. For the end-users, this means a TV-like engaging experience with Ad breaks seamlessly integrated with the content. High-end user satisfaction with no delays due to buffering of Ads leads to lower user dropout. A significant advantage that AdSparx has with respect to competition is that it is IAB VAST standard compliant and hence can easily be integrated with any demand platform. This makes it convenient for the Video Publisher to plan his monetization strategy across all devices from a single interface. AdSparx is in a unique position to understand video traffic and combines this information with value offered by advertisers. This means that AdSparx has all the necessary inputs required by Publisher to make business decisions impacting revenues directly. AdSparx deals with a lot of Big Data Analytics and moving forward AdSparx would help the Publisher make the right business decisions and hence maximize revenue. Kunal says, “We have been working together as a team for the last 9 years. We spent our first year together in Patni’s R&D team, post which we began our first startup in the Internet Video space.” When Kunal, Liles and Ketan started they did not have fixed roles and responsibilities, but gradually the three of them evolved into their roles over a period of time. “While we all help each other in execution, the responsibility areas remain fixed. This helps the team to work in a cohesive manner. We have always believed in maintaining lean operations. In the initial period of AdSparx, we developed the intellectual property closely within the three of us while picking the right customers to work with. The present team has a strong sense of ownership and responsibility. We have an open culture, where every member has the right to question and voice his opinion. And of course, passion for problem solving is the key,” adds Kunal. The startup world is full of challenges and the founders of AdSparx have had a fair share of them. “Many a times, more than one customer has raised support requests at the same time and with high urgency and we have spent nights working on fixing the problems.” Since AdSparx directly impacts customer’s revenue, all the support requests have to be dealt with high priority. “We realized early on that the key to achieve great responsive time for support is to reduce the number of support queries by building the product with the minimum set of customers. We have been choosing the right customers at every stage, who inherently bring the challenges that lead to product development. We are also incredibly honest with our customers with respect to limitations of our solution and the timelines we give them. Facing challenges and overcoming them has actually shaped up our growth so far and keeps the environment charged up,” shares Kunal. He adds, “There are lots of learnings too! Entrepreneurship is mostly about being in the front seat roller coaster riding blindfolded. There are immense highs and lows, and the key is to survive the lows. The lows, like the highs, do not last! As entrepreneurs, we tend to learn the most during hard times.” The journey so far and the road ahead Kunal says, “We applied to a few accelerators and were pleasantly surprised to be selected by all of them. We finally chose to do our stint at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as they are the best among all accelerators in the country.  In our 4 months at the Accelerator in Bangalore, we had identified some clear goals and objectives for us to achieve and worked on achieving those with the help of mentors, advisers and the resources made available to us.” AdSparx recently raised the first round of investment from India’s top Angel Networks. “We raised our first round of funding with some clear objectives. The first is to build a solid, passionate team and achieve product excellence. We will aggressively be scouting for international customers and partners while focusing on major opportunities in India, which we are pursuing. With more resources on hand, we shall be doing this diligently,” says Kunal. For international operations, one or more co-founders may be relocating to an international destination. Asia-Pacific and the US are the two top destinations of interest to them. They are building their strategy for the same. Are you doing something similar? Tell us about it?

News Article | March 23, 2007

Geodesic and BenQ have tied up to distribute Mundu on multiple BenQ smartphone models scheduled for release this year. Users of BenQ phones would be able to use Mundu for chatting with their friends across Instant Messaging networks, languages and platforms and listen to various radio stations directly from their phones. “For today's youth across the world, mobile phones are becoming a fashion statement. We are constantly looking for ways to bring the digital lifestyles of our customers, right to their mobile phones,” said Dr. Irwin Chen, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Communication Business Group (MCG) of BenQ. “Mundu's product suite lets us provide a unique experience to our customers for applications they regularly use while on-the-go.” Kiran Kulkarni, Managing Director of Geodesic said, “We are extremely excited about our association with BenQ and we are hopeful that this will help both of us to combine our strengths and reach out to a wider audience.” This application will be

News Article | March 13, 2007

Geodesic has launched the latest version 4.0 of its product Mundu IM that allows users to cross-conference friends, colleagues and family across AIM, MSN, Yahoo IM, ICQ, Google Talk and Jabber services through a single chat window on Palm and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms. Mundu users can also share their photos and videos taken from their camera phones with their contacts across other IM services. They can also send files and music on their mobile device to friends and colleagues and receive email notifications for their Yahoo!, MSN and Google accounts on the move. Users do not have to pay per message. Mundu IM V4 supports Palm OS and Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms and will soon support Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Symbian Series 60 platforms. “As Internet enabled smart phones emerge to be vital tools for today's consumer, instant messaging (IM) on mobile devices is becoming a standard mode of communication for consumers and professionals alike,” said Kiran Kulkarni, Managing Director of Geodesic. “Mundu recognizes that users are spread across different IM services and aims to unite them with a single interface across services, and mobile devices.” Users can download a free 5 day Mundu IM trial version from here. During the initial promotion period Mundu IM V4 can be purchased for a one-time standard charge of US $11.00. This does mean that the cost of Mundu IM V4 for the Indian user will change with the value of the dollar.

News Article | March 19, 2011

Geodesic Limited has been responsible for various mobile and desktop solutions for instant messaging, VoIP and internet radio, and they’ve just come up with something called Mundu Radio – Cricket Edition. Mundu Radio is part of Geodesic’s Mundu suite of products that cater to Instant Messaging, Mobile Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and Internet Radio. Mundu Radio Cricket Edition allows cricket fans from all over the world to listen to commentary of the ongoing World Cup. On the iTunes top 25 top 25 entertainment applications list already! “Consumers can now maximize their mobile phone subscriptions with affordable and easily accessible Mundu Radio- Cricket Edition to stay updated on the most celebrated and fiercely contested cricket tournament in the world,” said Arvind Venkateswaran, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development and General Manager for the Mobile Wireless business at Geodesic. Mundu Radio Cricket Edition is available on Apple iTunes, Blackberry App World and the Android Market. This application is also proving to be quite popular, as it has already found a spot on the list of top 25 entertainment applications on iTunes. Mundu Radio bundles music, news, sports, etc. and offers an easy-to-use, intuitive mobile entertainment experience. Users can either select and playback streams from existing internet radio stations, or can create and manage personalized play-lists, enabling them to listen to their choice of music whenever they like. If you want to know more about Mundu Radio, you can visit

News Article | August 5, 2009

Geodesic has announced that its Mundu Radio application will now be available for free download in the Nokia Ovi Store. While Nokia users could previously access Mundu Radio through the web, they can now avail of direct downloads from the Ovi Store. “Geodesic's Mundu suite has a swollen roster of industry award recognitions and continues to be a top application amongst the thousands of mobile apps available in app stores,” noted Arvind Venkateswaran, Geodesic's senior vice president and general manager.

News Article | November 21, 2008

Although text messaging is still one of the favorite pastimes for children and adults alike, software firm Geodesic believes that mobile instant messaging will cannibalize SMS and become the de facto form of communication through cell phones, going forward. The company offers a tool called Mundu IM, which recently entered its fourth iteration. The software provides users with an IM service that works with AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and Jabber accounts, with collaboration across the Web and wireless devices. Mundu IM is currently supported on most mobile phones running Symbian, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and Java platforms. The service also has a iPhone Web interface, which allows users of the Apple smartphone to log in to their favorite IM application without requiring a download through the App Store. I had the opportunity to use the Mundu IM service on my iPhone 3G and found that it worked quite well. I was able to log in to my instant-messaging services without a problem, and upon doing so, I found that chatting with others through the software was quick and just as simple as chatting with them on my desktop. But where Mundu IM really shines is in its extras. The service allows you to share pictures taken from your phone with friends, transfer files, and cross-conference with contacts across IM services, making it much simpler to talk with people, regardless of their preferred IM software. Mundu's design is second to none. It features stylish icons that make it easy to choose your IM service, and the interface during chat was simple, which made the experience far more usable. Although the software itself is simple and elegant, I'm not quite sold on the implementation. It's nice to have a full-fledged IM service on my iPhone that will help me save money on SMS, but why not make it an iPhone app and offer it on the App Store? Making Mundu Web-based seems a bit odd and takes away from an otherwise fine service, due to Safari's annoying quirks and hiccups, which become frustrating after some time. When evaluating Mundu's competitive environment, it becomes clear that its IM service takes aim at Agile Messenger, which currently charges customers $44.95 for lifetime use. Based on my findings, the experience is similar, but Mundu IM's $11 one-time fee puts it over the top and makes Agile Messenger less appealing. It would have been nice if Mundu IM were free, like Meebo, but I understand that Geodesic needs to turn a profit too, and $11 is more than affordable, considering that you'll have your phone for at least two years. With all the versions Mundu IM offers, it should be noted that "your mileage may vary" depending on the version of the software you use. Although the iPhone version works as advertised, and provides an experience that would make me want to use it on a regular basis, phone differences, mobile-OS quirks, and other considerations become an issue when applying that opinion to all versions of the software. Because of that, I need to qualify my recommendation when I say that Mundu IM is worth using on the iPhone if you use multiple IM services, and you don't mind accessing them through the Safari browser. But if you only use AIM, I simply don't see a reason to use Mundu IM--access the App Store, and download the AIM app instead. It's free.

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