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Srivastava S.K.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology
Modern Physics Letters B | Year: 2011

In this study, we have examined the various formulations for volume dependence of the Grüneisen ratio, γ. The thermodynamic constraints for γ∞, q∞ and λ ∞ have been used to discuss the validity of various relationships. The volume dependence of γ and its derivatives, reported by Stacey and Davis [F. D. Stacey and P. M. Davis, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter. 142 (2004) 137184], are analyzed. The Al'tshuler et al.'s relationship of γ(V), widely used in recent literature, has been found to be inadequate on the variation of λ with compression. The estimates of γ, q and λ are obtained with the combination of generalized free volume theory and reciprocal K-prime equations of state for the Earth's interior. © 2011 World Scientific Publishing Company. Source

Srivastava S.K.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology
Canadian Journal of Physics | Year: 2011

Expressions for the temperature dependence of elastic constants have been formulated by taking into account volume dependence of the Anderson- Grüneisen parameters. These expressions have been applied to ionic materials such as NaCl, KCl, MgO, and CaO to determine elastic constants at different temperatures. It is found that the linear relationship between isothermal bulk modulus and thermal energy (Eth) is also applicable to other elastic constants. This linear relationship is valid, starting from room temperature. © 2011 Published by NRC Research Press. Source

Gupta S.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology | Tewari P.C.,National Institute of Technology Kurukshetra
International Journal of Engineering, Transactions A: Basics | Year: 2011

The present paper discusses the development of a performance model of power generation system of a thermal plant for performance evaluation using Markov technique and probabilistic approach. The study covers two areas: development of a predictive model and evaluation of performance with the help of developed model. The present system of thermal plant under study consists of four subsystems with three possible states: full working, reduced capacity working and failed. Failure and repair rates for all the subsystems are assumed to be constant. A transition diagram represents the operational behavior of the system. A probabilistic model has been developed, considering some assumptions. Data in feasible range are selected from a survey of thermal plant and the effect of each subsystem on the system availability is tabulated in the form of availability matrix, which provides various performance/availability levels for different combinations of failure and repair rates of all subsystems. On the basis of this study, performance of power generation system is evaluated. Source

Srivastava S.K.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology
Solid State Communications | Year: 2011

Some basic relationships for materials under extreme compression are analyzed with the help of the calculus of indeterminates. The analysis presented here provides an understanding of the origin of identities and constraints at infinite pressure which are satisfied by all physically acceptable equations of state. These identities involve the bulk modulus and its pressure derivatives, the Grneisen parameter and its volume derivatives, the thermal expansivity, and the AndersonGrneisen parameter. The identity for the third-order Grneisen parameter in terms of the pressure derivatives of the bulk modulus at extreme compression is valid even if the free-volume parameter changes with pressure. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Kumar S.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology | Choudhary A.,Geeta Institute of Management and Technology
Tamkang Journal of Mathematics | Year: 2012

A new measure L β α, called average code word length of order α and type β has been defined and its relationship with a result of generalized Havrda-Charvat and Tsallis's entropy has been discussed. Using L β α, some coding theorem for discrete noiseless channel has been proved. Source

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