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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Gc Corporation | Date: 2014-07-31

An nozzle tip capable of securely and unremovably locking after temporary fixing at a tip-end of a discharging portion of a mixing tip is provided. The nozzle tip includes an insertion portion having a cylindrical portion for temporary fixing, a taper portion, and a cylindrical portion for engaging. The cylindrical portion for temporary fixing has the same outer diameter as an inner diameter of a protrusion portion of the mixing tip. The taper portion is continuously provided on the cylindrical portion for temporary fixing and has a step portion. The cylindrical portion for engaging is continuously provided on the step portion of the taper portion and has an outer diameter which is equal to the diameter of the taper portion at the step portion and a length longer than a length of the protrusion portion of the mixing tip.

GC Corporation | Date: 2014-03-28

Provided is a dental gypsum powder having flowability, setting time, and strength of a set material that are suitable for producing a dental model. The dental gypsum powder contains 100 parts by weight of gypsum hemihydrate, 2 to 4 parts by weight of gypsum dihydrate, from 0.5 to 3 parts by weight of potassium sulfate, from 0.05 to 0.8 parts by weight of a polycarboxylate water reducing agent, and not contain more than 0.3 parts by weight of other additives. It is preferred that the amount of the polycarboxylate water reducing agent is from 0.15 to 0.3 parts by weight per 100 parts by weight of gypsum hemihydrate, and the amount of the potassium sulfate is from 25% by weight to the same amount of the amount of the gypsum dihydrate.

Gc Corporation | Date: 2014-05-23

Provided is a dripping container capable of inhibiting variation in dripping. The dripping container (

Gc Corporation | Date: 2014-06-04

Provided is a fracture treatment device enabling efficient bone regeneration. The fracture treatment device (

Gc Corporation | Date: 2015-04-28

To provide a bone tissue regeneration sheet having a cortical bone tissue layer of 200 m or more in thickness, the bone tissue regeneration sheet is produced by seeding chondroblast or stem cells for differentiating to chondrocyte on one side of a porous bioabsorbable polymer sheet, taking the seeded porous body into a culture medium, applying centrifugal force of 100 to 1000 G to the culture medium for a predetermined time so as to aggregate the chondroblast or the stem cells for differentiating to chondrocyte, culturing the aggregated cells in a culture medium not containing serum but containing one or two or more kinds selected from ascorbic acid, an ascorbic acid derivative, and dexamethasone without applying centrifugal force to form a chondrocyte layer having a thickness of 200 m or more.

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