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Olathe, KS, United States

Garmin is a multinational corporation and producer of navigation equipment. It is most well known as a producer of consumer and professional-grade Global Positioning System receivers. It was founded in 1989 by Min Kao and Gary Burrell in Lenexa, Kansas.As of May 2014, Garmin has sold over 126 million GPS devices. Wikipedia.

Garmin | Date: 2015-01-23

A marine multibeam sonar device comprises a transmitter, a memory element, and a processing element. The transmitter includes a plurality of transmit channel circuits, each connected to one of a plurality of transmit transducers. Each transmit channel circuit is configured to receive a transmit transducer electronic signal. The transmit transducers are oriented in a linear array that is configured to form a transmit acoustic beam. The processing element is in communication with the transmitter and the memory element and is configured to generate the transmit transducer electronic signals, each including a serial binary bitstream.

Garmin | Date: 2015-09-25

A navigation device is disclosed that provides navigational guidance to boats needing to cross a boundary line at a milestone event time. Port and starboard laylines and guidelines may be displayed with the boundary line using wind direction data. The port and starboard layline angles may change with the wind direction, while their lengths may represent a distance traversed by the boat tacking at the port and starboard layline angles for a target time period at a target speed. A predictor line may be displayed extending from the boat in the direction in which the boat is traveling and may have a length indicating a distance traversed by the boat at its current speed until the milestone event time. The predictor line length and color may provide feedback regarding whether the boat will cross the boundary too early or too late given its current speed and direction.

An apparatus or web server for assisting a user in selecting a route based on tracked popularity of routes traveled by other users and a desired user activity. The apparatus may include a memory for receiving and storing route data for routes previously traveled by a plurality of users and a processing device coupled with the memory for receiving desired route characteristic information from the user, including a desired activity type, such as running or cycling. The processing device may compare the desired route characteristics information with the route data, suggest at least one of the stored routes to the user based on the comparison, and visually indicate with a color-coded heat map a popularity of the routes suggested based on the comparison.

A method and apparatus for determining a power phase and other force-related performance of a bicyclist while riding a bicycle. Sensors measure a force applied by the bicyclist to the left and right pedals. The measurement data is analyzed to determine the power phase performance by correlating the force applied by the bicyclist to the left and right pedals with corresponding angles of the left and right cranks. A series of changes in the power phase performance during the ride is recorded. A series of changes in the geographic location of the bicyclist and/or a series of changes in one or more performance metrics while riding the bicycle may also be recorded. The series of changes in the bicyclists power phase performance, the geographic location, and the performance metrics may be correlated, graphically communicated in real-time or post-ride, and used to improve the bicyclists performance.

Garmin | Date: 2015-02-18

An antenna array for use with an X-band weather radar system comprises a printed circuit board, a plurality of antenna elements, and a plurality of integrated circuit packages. The printed circuit board includes a first side and an opposing second side. The antenna elements are configured to transmit and receive radio waves at frequencies in the X-band. The antenna elements are electrically connected to the first side of the printed circuit board and positioned thereon in a two-dimensional array. A center of each antenna element is located on a point of a grid with grid points orthogonally spaced apart. Each integrated circuit package includes a transmitter electronic circuit and a receiver electronic circuit that are each in electronic communication with one antenna element. Each integrated circuit package is positioned on the first side of the printed circuit board to underlie one antenna element.

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