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Jerusalem, Israel

A method of culturing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) is provided. The method comprising culturing a population of the MSCs in a medium comprising an aryl hydrocarbon receptor antagonist, thereby culturing MSCs.

Methods of ex-vivo culture of natural killer (NK) cells are provided and, more particularly, methods for enhancing propagation and/or functionality of NK cells by treating the cells with an aryl hydrocarbon antagonist in combination with cytokines driving NK cell proliferation. Also envisioned are compositions comprising cultured NK cells and therapeutic uses thereof.

Mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium and methods for preparing the conditioned medium are provided. The methods comprise culturing MSCs in a medium comprising nicotinamide or nicotinamide and fibroblast growth factor 4 (FGF4) and collecting the conditioned medium. Compositions comprising the mesenchymal stem cell conditioned medium and uses thereof are also provided.

Gamida Cell and Hadasit Medical Research Services And Development LTD. | Date: 2010-10-06

A method of ex-vivo expanding a population of stem cells, while at the same time inhibiting differentiation of the stem cells. The method comprises ex-vivo providing the stem cells with conditions for cell proliferation and with at least one copper chelator in an amount and for a time period for permitting the stem cells to proliferate and, at the same time, for reducing a capacity of the stem cells to differentiate

Gamida Cell | Date: 2015-12-15

Ex vivo and in vivo methods of expansion of renewable stem cells, expanded populations of renewable stem cells and their uses.

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