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Seongnam, South Korea

Gachon University is an academic institute located in South Korea. The current structure of Gachon university is the result of a merger between four existing universities. Gachon University of Medicine and Science and Gachon-gil College merged in 2007, Kyungwon University and Kyungwon College merged in 2007, and Gachon University of Medicine and Science and Kyungwon University merged in 2012. Gachon University has three campuses for undergraduates, the Global Campus located in Seongnam, satellite campuses on Ganghwa Island and in Yeonsu-dong, and the School of Medicine in Guwol-dong, Namdong-gu, Incheon, South Korea. Gachon University signed a strategic partnership with Hawaii Pacific to allow students to study abroad. " Wikipedia.

A flipped fitting method that performs a flipped curve fitting on a maximum of 256 MRI images obtained at different echo times using an EPI image which obtains a plurality of MRI images at a plurality of different echo times within a TR period after application of an excitation RF pulse. Then, T2* values are fitted based on a sufficient amount of acquired TE images, such that it is possible to provide much more accurate T2* values than these provided by underestimated or overestimated fitting by the existing method which is based on only 12 images and to obtain rapid and accurate data without nerve stimulation or acoustic noise. Further, the flipped fitting method is more suitable and accurate for showing the real T2* values.

The present invention relates to a resistive random access memory device having a nano-scale tip, memory array using the same and fabrication method thereof. Especially, the present invention provides a technique forming a bottom electrode having an upwardly protruding tapered tip structure through etching a semiconductor substrate in order that an electric field is focused on the tip of the bottom electrode across a top electrode and that a region where conductive filaments are formed is maximally minimized or localized.

Gachon University and Samsung | Date: 2013-08-22

Provided is a method of separating carbon nanotubes, the method comprising: forming first carbon nanotubes having a first functional group, forming a substrate having a second functional group, and causing the first carbon nanotubes to adhere to the substrate by a click chemistry reaction between the first functional group and the second functional group.

Indiana University and Gachon University | Date: 2014-05-06

Synthetic cremastranone and cremastranone analogs are disclosed. Additionally, methods for synthesizing cremastranone and cremastranone analogs are disclosed. Methods of treating ocular neovascularization disorders and treating angiogenesis-mediated disease are also disclosed.

Provided is a common air conditioner operating system having a billing calculation function, including: at least one outdoor unit and a plurality of indoor units, at least one heat transfer unit, and a system operating apparatus configured to entirely control the above units, and calculate billing corresponding to use energy of each indoor unit, wherein the system operating apparatus sums a first amount obtained by multiplying a summed amount of a total heat production cost and a total heat transfer cost by a ratio of corresponding indoor unit supply heat s

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