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Fuyang, China

Gao S.,Fuyang Normal College | Wang J.,Beijing Jiaotong University
RAIRO - Operations Research | Year: 2016

We consider the discrete-time Markovian single-server queue under delayed multiple vacations. Upon arriving, the customers observe the queue length and decide whether to join or balk. We derive equilibrium threshold balking strategies in two cases, according to the information for the server's state. We also illustrate the equilibrium thresholds and the social benefits for systems via numerical experiments. © EDP Sciences, ROADEF, SMAI 2016. Source

Zhang K.,Fuyang Normal College
EPJ Applied Physics | Year: 2011

This paper studies numerically the temperature reached by atomic force microscope tips illuminated by femtosecond laser pulses, in which the laser focusing dependence of tip heating is investigated in detail and the laser heating effects on different tips are discussed too. The results show that tip heating can be significantly reduced if the femtosecond laser is focused tightly on the tip apex. © 2010 EDP Sciences. Source

Liu W.Y.,Fuyang Normal College
Yi chuan = Hereditas / Zhongguo yi chuan xue hui bian ji | Year: 2012

Xenopus is an important model animal for biomedicine researches. In order to probe into the classification and function of the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor family, we conducted a genome-wide survey and identified 70 bHLH transcription factors using the Xenopus tropicalis genome project data in the study. Among these transcription factors, 69 bHLH transcription factors were classified into 6 large groups composed of 34 sub-families and the remaining one was classified as 'orphan'. Results of Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment statistics showed 51 frequent GO annotation categories. Statistical analysis of the GO annotations showed that these 70 bHLH proteins tended to be frequently related to transcription regulator activity, regulation of transcription, DNA binding, regulation of RNA metabolic process, DNA-dependent regulation of transcription, transcription, and transcription factor activity, indicating that they were expected to be the most common GO categories of transcriptional factors. Moreover, a number of bHLH genes were revealed to play important regulation roles in special development and physiological processes, such as muscle tissue and organ (striated muscle, skeletal muscle, eye muscle, and pharyngeal muscle) differentiation and development, e.g., digestive system development, pharynx development and sensory organ development, regulation of nucleobase, nucleoside and nucleotide and nucleic acid metabolic process, regulation of biosynthetic process, DNA binding, and protein heterodimerization activity, etc. There were also some important signaling pathways in the significant GO categories. We made the evolutionary analysis of Hes transcription factor family as well. This preliminary result lays a solid foundation for further re-searches on X. tropicalis. Source

Liu W.-Y.,Fuyang Normal College | Zhang K.,CAS Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology
International Journal of Electrochemical Science | Year: 2011

The cyclic voltammetry and spectroscopy have been proved to be powerful electrochemical means for the elucidation of interaction betweens Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and chemical anti-carcinogens. With the aim to elucidate the interaction between DNA and anti-carcinogenic 5-fluorouracil derivatives using the instruments and techniques above, the electrochemical behavior of (S)-2-(5-Fluorouracil-1-Acetyl) amido -1,4 -succinic acid (5FU-ASP) and the electrostatic interaction of 5FU-ASP with DNA using Fe(CN)6 3-/4-as electroactive indicator of dominance were investigated in this study. The binding equilibrium constant of interaction is estimated to be 1.1×103×M-1 and DNA modified gold electrodes were prepared by the dry adsorptive method. Based on the electrochemical and ultraviolet-visible spectrum data, the interaction mode of DNA with 5FU-ASP was further explored, and the results serve as good reference for studies on 5FU-ASP targeting DNA strands or base pairs in the natural environment of living cells in vivo. © 2011 by ESG. Source

Lu M.-X.,Yangzhou University | Hua J.,Yangzhou University | Cui Y.-D.,Fuyang Normal College | Du Y.-Z.,Yangzhou University
Cell Stress and Chaperones | Year: 2014

Small heat shock proteins (sHSPs) are the most diverse but also the most poorly known family of molecular chaperones, and they play essential roles in various biological processes. The striped stem borer, Chilo suppressalis (Insecta: Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), is one of the most serious pests of rice, causing extensive damage and yield loss. In this study, we isolated and characterized five members of the sHSPs family - Cshsp19.8, Cshsp21.4, Cshsp21.5, Cshsp21.7a, and Cshsp21.7b - from C. suppressalis. The cDNAs of these genes encoded proteins of 177, 187, 191, 191, and 191 amino acids with isoelectric points of 7.0, 5.6, 6.1, 6.3, and 6.3, respectively. While Cshsp19.8, Cshsp21.5, and Cshsp21.7b had no introns, Cshsp21.4 and Cshsp21.7a contained one and two introns, respectively. Structural analysis indicated that all five Cshsps possessed conserved arginine and a V/IXI/V motif, which is related to hydrophobic characteristics of sHSPs. The five heat shock proteins can be classified into two main groups: an orthologous type (Cshsp21.4 and Cshsp21.7a) and a species-specific type (Cshsp19.8, Cshsp21.5, and Cshsp21.7b). Real-time quantitative PCR analyses revealed that Cshsp19.8, Cshsp21.5, Cshsp21.7a, and Cshsp21.7b all exhibited their highest expression levels within Malpighian tubules or the hindgut, while such levels were found in the head for Cshsp21.4. The expression of Csshsps at different developmental stages revealed that the mRNA levels of Cshsp19.8, Cshsp21.4, Cshsp21.5, and Cshsp21.7b peaked in adults, whereas the highest level of Cshsp21.7a was observed in first instar larvae. Cshsp19.8 and Cshsp21.7b were both upregulated dramatically by heat and cold, and Cshsp21.5 could be induced by cold stress. Neither Cshsp21.4 nor Cshsp21.7a responded to heat or cold. These results demonstrated that different Csshsps play distinctive roles in the regulation of the physiological activities in C. suppressalis. © 2013 Cell Stress Society International. Source

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