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Chiba, Japan

Futaba Corporation | Date: 2015-08-31

A communication device includes a first terminal unit connected to an actuator device having a sensor. Transmission of a steering signal transmitted from a steering wireless device to the actuator device, and transmission of detected signal detected by the sensor in the actuator device are conducted via the first terminal unit. The communication device further includes a control unit. The control unit conducts processing to generate a connection error signal representing that the actuator device are not connected on the basis of a result of determination whether the detected signal is acquired from the actuator device via the first terminal unit, and transmit the connection error signal to the steering wireless device side.

Futaba Corporation | Date: 2014-09-19

A trigger includes a segment for exercising throttle control and a segment for exercising brake control. A switch is provided in a radio control transmitter. The switch can be depressed by pulling the trigger in a direction of an arrow A. Setting of full throttle can be assigned to the switch. Full throttle can be turned on only when the switch is depressed by the trigger. It is possible to control on/off of the full throttle easily.

A scanning line driving device drives scanning lines in a display unit including data lines each connected to a plurality of pixels arranged in a column direction and the scanning lines each connected to a plurality of pixels arranged in a row direction, the pixels arranged at respective intersections of the data lines and the scanning lines. The device is configured to sequentially keep each of the scanning lines in a selected state pursuant to a predetermined order and output a scanning line drive signal, which is set to a low level in a high-luminance display drive and to a high level in a low-luminance display drive, to all the scanning lines during a blanking period between a period in which one scanning line is kept selected and a period in which a next scanning line is kept selected.

Futaba Corporation | Date: 2014-12-12

A display driving device performs display drive based on display data with respect to a display unit including pixels arranged at respective intersections of data lines and scanning lines. The device includes: a current setting unit configured to store current gradation values which are set for the respective scanning lines that constitute a frame of the display data; a current gradation control unit configured to, at each of scan timings for the respective scanning lines within one frame, generate a constant current corresponding to a current gradation value for a corresponding scanning line among the current gradation values stored in the current setting unit; and a data line driving unit configured to supply the constant current generated by the current gradation control unit to the respective data lines for time periods corresponding to pixel gradation values defined by the display data.

Futaba Corporation | Date: 2015-05-12

An angle detecting device includes a rotatably supported magnet, and a magnetic sensor disposed opposite to the magnet. An output of the magnetic sensor is changed based on a magnetic flux change due to a rotation of the magnet. The magnet is disposed such that a distance between the magnetic sensor and the magnet is changed by the rotation of the magnet.

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