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Southborough, MA, United States

The present invention provides an apparatus and methods for simultaneously producing different compounds in various ratios under set conditions.

The present invention provides methods for producing cannabinoids and cannabinoid analogs as well as a system for producing these compounds. The inventive method is directed to contacting a compound according to Formula I or Formula II with a cannabinoid synthase. Also described is a system for producing cannabinoids and cannabinoid analogs by contacting a THCA synthase with a cannabinoid precursor and modifying at least one property of the reaction mixture to influence the quantity formed of a first cannabinoid relative to the quantity formed of a second cannabinoid.

An additive-manufacturing removable raft. Layers of material are sequentially deposited on a build platform. Portions of the perimeters of the layers are defined as bevel portions, the bevel portion of each layer after the first overhanging the bevel portion of the preceding layer to form an edge surface of the raft at an acute angle with respect to the build platform.

Full Spectrum | Date: 2015-08-03

The present invention provides stable, fast-acting liposomal and micelle formulations of cannabinoids that are suitable for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications.

The invention is directed to a method for analyzing the competitive binding and target (or ligand) specificity of large numbers of candidate binding compounds with respect to a predetermined reference compound. That is, the invention provides a method for essentially conducting a massively parallel ELISA on each member of an entire library of candidate binding compounds at the same time. Instead of determining binding characteristics from a series of colorimetric or fluorometric readouts, such characteristics are determined from a series of frequencies of bound and unbound library members which, in turn, are determined by high-throughput sequencing of their encoding nucleic acids. In one aspect, predetermined reference compounds are proteins and candidate binding compounds are members of a mutant library based on or related to, the predetermined reference compound.

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