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Fukuyama Heisei University is a private university in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan, established in 1994. Wikipedia.

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Sugihara C.,Fukuyama University | Hisatomi T.,Fukuyama University | Kodama T.,Fukuyama University | Tsuboi M.,Fukuyama University | Tsuboi M.,Fukuyama Heisei University
Current Microbiology | Year: 2011

Of the genes involved in galactose metabolism, GAL7, GAL10, and GAL1 are tightly linked in this order on chromosome II in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. While several species of the order Saccharomycetales have similar gene organization, Kazachstania naganishii is unique, in which GAL7 and GAL1 are close to each other whereas GAL10 is substantially apart from them on chromosome XI. In this study, we inserted the recognition sequence of I-SceI homing-endonuclease into GAL10 and also into the intervening segment of GAL7-GAL1. By cleaving chromosome DNA of the gene-manipulated strain with I-SceI, we obtained evidence that chromosome XI (610 kbp) was replaced with three fragments (305, 265, and 40 kbp). Using appropriate probes, we further found that GAL10 was about 40 kbp apart from the GAL7-GAL1 cluster and that orientation of GAL10 was reversed comparing to the S. cerevisiae counter part. We, therefore, contend that comparison of the organization of the GAL cluster among Saccharomycetales is of importance to elucidate evolution of chromosomes and that the experimental scheme developed in this study is useful for this line of investigation. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Imamura H.,Nagasaki International University | Mizuuchi K.,Fukuyama Heisei University | Oshikata R.,Seika Womens Junior College
International Journal of Nephrology | Year: 2012

The relationship between physical activity and blood lipids and lipoproteins in dialysis patients is reviewed in the context of the potentially confounding factors such as nutritional intake, cigarette smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, and physical activity levels in the general population and additional confounding factors such as mode of dialysis and diabetes in dialysis patients. The known associations in the general population of physical activity with high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol subfractions and apolipoprotein A-I are more pronounced in hemodialysis patients than in peritoneal dialysis patients even after adjusting for these confounding factors. Examining studies on the effects of physical activity on blood lipids and lipoproteins, the most consistent observation is the noted decrease in triglycerides and increase in high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol and insulin sensitivity in hemodialysis patients. The changes in lipids and lipoproteins in hemodialysis patients could be caused by changes in activity levels of lipoprotein lipase, insulin sensitivity, and/or glucose metabolism. Future research investigating the relationship between physical activity and blood lipids and lipoproteins in dialysis patients should direct research towards the underlying mechanisms for changes in blood lipids and lipoproteins. © 2012 Hiroyuki Imamura et al.

Higuchi T.,Tokyo Metroplitan University | Murai G.,Chuo University | Kijima A.,Fukuyama Heisei University | Seya Y.,Tohoku University | And 2 more authors.
Human Movement Science | Year: 2011

In order to pass through apertures safely and efficiently, individuals must perceive the width of the aperture relative to (1) the width of the person-plus-object system and to (2) their (anticipated) movement speed. The present study investigated whether athletes who have extensive experience playing sports that require running through narrow spaces while wearing shoulder pads control their shoulder rotations differently while performing this behavior than athletes who lack such experience. Groups of athletes with experience competing in different sports (American football, rugby, and control athletes) performed a behavioral task in which they ran or walked between two tucking dummies with or without wearing shoulder pads. They also performed a psychophysical task in which they reported perceived width of the body and shoulder pads. When running through the apertures, the athletes who played American football exhibited smaller magnitudes and later onset of shoulder rotations than control athletes. No such difference was found when walking through the apertures. There was no difference in perception of the width of the shoulder pads among three groups. These findings suggest that performance of this behavior is action-scaled and task-specific. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Shinomiya M.,Kibi International University | Shinomiya M.,Fukuyama Heisei University | Kawamura K.,Kibi International University | Tanida E.,Fukuyama Heisei University | And 5 more authors.
Acta Medica Okayama | Year: 2012

We studied the effects of natural essential oil on neurite outgrowth in PC12m3 neuronal cells to elucidate the mechanism underlying the action of the oils used in aromatherapy. Neurite outgrowth can be induced by nerve growth factor (NGF), where ERK and p38 MAPK among MAPK pathways play important roles in activating intracellular signal transduction. In this study, we investigated whether d-limonene, the major component of essential oils from oranges, can promote neurite outgrowth in PC12m3 cells, in which neurite outgrowth can be induced by various physical stimulations. We also examined by which pathways, the ERK, p38 MAPK or JNK pathway, d-limonene acts on PC12m3 cells. Our results showed that neurite outgrowth can be induced when the cells are treated with d-limonene. After treatment with d-limonene, we observed that p38 MAPK is strongly activated in PC12m3 cells, while ERK is weakly activated. In contrast, JNK shows little activity. A study using an inhibitor of p38 MAPK revealed that neurite outgrowth in PC12m3 cells is induced via the activation of p38 MAPK by d-limonene. The results thus indicate that d-limonene may promote neural cell differentiation mainly via activation of the p38 MAPK pathway.

Hayashi S.,Fukuyama Heisei University | Tsuchida Y.,Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare | Wada T.,Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare | Miyakawa T.,Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare | Onodera S.,Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare
Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche | Year: 2016

BACKGROUND: The aim of this study was to examine the characteristics of a new arm crank ergometer for measuring oxygen uptake and biomechanics parameters. METHODS: Subjects performed two protocols that employed fixing and not fixing the body trunk. During the test, a range of physiological parameters was measured including VO2, HR , and RPE . The movement of arm cranking was recorded with four high-speed video cameras, and the three-dimensional coordinate of each reflective marker was recorded. RESULTS: The trunk rotation angle and elbow joint angle were significantly larger in the control condition than in the fixed condition. Fixed condition was terminated earlier than the control condition because of localized fatigue. There were no differences in the physiological responses between the groups. It was clarified that the straddling of lower limb and rotation of body trunk could contaminate the locomotion of the arm crank in the control condition. The movements in the fixed condition, on the other hand, are not contaminated by the muscles of the body trunk, which play an auxiliary role of the arm crank. In addition, it is suggested that fixing the body trunk during the arm crank test accelerated the upper limb fatigue and contributed to the shortening of time to exhaustion because of the isolated use of the upper limb for the exercise. CONCLUSIONS: We show that the arm cranking test using this new adjustable device can be used to monitor physiological parameters, and measurements are safe and require less time compared with the conventional method. © 2015 EDIZIONI MINERVA MEDICA.

Murakami H.,Kobe University | Amano Y.,Kobe University | Asahi R.,Fukuyama Heisei University
Journal of Air Transport Management | Year: 2015

This paper analyzes the dynamic changes in carriers' airfares and outputs and computes the change in the consumers' surplus year by year after new Japanese carriers entered thriving routes and started to compete with Japanese full-service airlines. Using unbalanced panel data from 222 routes and carrier specific sample observations, it finds that new carriers discounted airfares significantly as soon as they entered new markets, but two early carriers, Skymark Airlines and AIRDO, which had entered with very low airfares, raised their prices year by year. On the other hand, both All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines responded to the new entrants and lowered their airfares to a much lesser extent than the new entrants did, and their airfare levels remained almost unchanged for at least four years after the first entry. The consumers' surplus increased significantly in the first year of each new entry but gradually decreased as the new entrants raised their airfares. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

Hayashida K.,Okayama University | Hayashida K.,Fukuyama Heisei University | Nakatsuka M.,Okayama University
Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine | Year: 2014

Objective: The aim of this study was to assess correlations between various factors and the physical and mental development of 4-month-old infants using a multi-faceted evaluation approach. Methods: A total of 1,402 self-administered questionnaires were distributed to consenting mothers of infants who had undergone a 4-month health checkup in Hiroshima prefecture, Japan. The questionnaires included items from the Japan Child and Family Research Institute Child Rearing Support Questionnaire and the KIDS type A test. Of the 421 completed questionnaires on mother-child pairs that were returned, 318 met the inclusion criteria and were eligible for further analysis. Results: Comparison between infants in a preterm delivery or low birth weight (LBW) group (preterm and/or LBW group; n = 31) and a term delivery appropriate-weight for date (AFD) infant group (term AFD group; n =287) revealed that the preterm and/or LBW group had significantly higher mother child-rearing anxiety and difficult baby scores, along with significantly lower infant development and motor skill scores. Within the term AFD group, infants of primiparous mothers had significantly higher scores for motor skill and sociability with adults than those of multiparous mothers. Language comprehension scores were significantly higher in infants that were exclusively breast-fed than those formula-fed or combined breast-fed and formula-fed. Verbalization scores of infants whose mothers worked were significantly higher than those of infants whose mothers did not work. Infants with siblings aged <4 years exhibited significantly lower scores for motor skills, verbalization, and sociability with adults than infants without siblings or with siblings aged at least 5 years. In particular, we found that a mother's child-rearing anxiety was related to many areas of infant development. Conclusions: Evaluating the absence or presence of such factors and conducting preventive treatment could promote healthy infant development. © 2013 The Japanese Society for Hygiene.

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