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Kita-ku, Japan

Fujikin Incorporated | Date: 2014-04-11

Provided are a valve device free of changes in the position of the valve member caused by external force and fluid pressure, and a lock device for the valve device. The lock device has a tubular member fitted to the rotating part of the valve device so that the member is movable along the axis of the rotating part in both directions, wherein the member has a protrusion on its inner circumferential face along its axis, and the protrusion engages with or disengages from recesses in an outer circumferential face of a holder of the rotating part formed along its axis when the member moves in either direction; or the member has recesses in its inner circumferential face formed along its axis, and the recesses engage with or disengage from a protrusion on the outer circumferential face of the holder along its axis when the member moves in either direction.

Fujikin Incorporated | Date: 2015-05-21

An object of the present invention is to provide a fluid coupling, in which a coupling member is readily retained by a retainer and the retainer is readily attached to or detached from the coupling member, and a retainer for such a fluid coupling. A retainer includes an annular gasket retaining portion for retaining a gasket therein and an annular coupling member retaining portion which has an inner diameter greater than that of the gasket retaining portion and retains one coupling member. At an inner circumference of the gasket retaining portion and an inner circumference of the coupling member retaining portion are formed annular grooves, respectively, for holding therein elastic rings, respectively.

Fujikin Incorporated | Date: 2014-03-17

A flow control valve for a flow controller includes a valve main body provided with an open-top valve chamber hole, a metal diaphragm valve element, a lower support cylinder having notches facing each other, an upper support cylinder attached to the lower support cylinder, a support frame horizontally disposed through the notches of the lower support cylinder, a disc spring placed between the support frame and a bottom of the lower support cylinder, a lower cradle placed on the support frame, a piezoelectric element inserted into the support cylinder above the lower cradle, a guide fixed to the valve main body together with the support frame with the support cylinder being inserted through the guide cylinder in a vertically movable manner. The support cylinder is pressed upward by the extension of the piezoelectric element, whereby the metal diaphragm valve element is separated from the valve seat by the elastic force.

Fujikin Incorporated | Date: 2015-06-16

A fluid controller includes an automatic opening-and-closing device configured to move a valve rod upward and downward, and a manual opening-and-closing device configured to move the valve rod upward and downward by a manual operation. The manual opening-and-closing device includes a cylindrical handle supported by a casing so as to be rotatable and not to move upward and downward, and a cylindrical operating member screwed into a female screw of the handle and configured to move upward and downward with a rotation of the handle. The operating member is apart from a piston of the automatic opening-and-closing device in a vertical direction in an automatic operation. The piston is moved by the operating member which moves upward in association with the rotating operation of the handle in a manual operation in an opposite direction from the opening state brought by the automatic opening-and-closing device.

Fujikin Incorporated, Tohoku University and Tokyo Electron | Date: 2015-12-21

A pressure type flow rate control apparatus is provided wherein flow rate of fluid passing through an orifice is computed as Qc=KP

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