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Fujian University of Technology is a public university located in Fuzhou, Fujian, China.The Chinese Ministry of Education established the university in 2002 by merging Fujian College of Architecture and Civil Engineering and Fujian Institute of Technology. The predecessor of both institutions was the famous “Fujian Gaogong” originating from “Canxia Jingshe” , which was co-founded in 1896 by Lin Shu, an eminent Fujian scholar and translator and Chen Baochen, tutor of the last Chinese emperor Fu Yi in Qing Dynasty. The university abbreviation is FJUT. Wikipedia.

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Hua N.,Fujian University of Technology | Zhang T.,Beihang University
Journal of Alloys and Compounds | Year: 2014

The effects of partial substitution of Ni by Ag in Zr56Al 16(Ni1-xAgx) 28 (at.%, x = 0, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, and 0.4) alloys on their glass-forming ability (GFA), crystallization kinetics, mechanical property, and corrosion behavior were investigated. The critical diameter for glass formation of Zr56Al16Ni28 alloy is significantly enhanced by partially substituting Ag for Ni. The Zr56Al16(Ni 0.7Ag0.3)28 BMG exhibits the best GFA and its critical diameter for glass formation is 20 mm. Ag-bearing Zr-based BMG presents a lower Avrami exponent n than that of Ag-free Zr-Al-Ni BMG, indicating the nucleation rate is reduced by the addition of Ag. The corrosion resistance of Zr-Al-Ni BMG is improved by Ag alloying, and the Zr-Al-Ni-Ag BMG exhibits higher corrosion resistance than that of other known Zr-based BMGs with high GFA. Moreover, the BMGs possess high compressive yield strength of 1830-2000 MPa, large plastic strain of 2.7-3.1%, and high specific strength of 274-312 MPa cm3/g. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Ma L.A.,Fujian University of Technology | Guo T.L.,Fuzhou University
Ceramics International | Year: 2013

High-quality ZnO tetrapods with different morphologies were synthesized via thermal evaporation of a surface-modified Zn powder in an oxygen/argon mixed gas. The morphology, including the size and shape of the individual legs of ZnO tetrapods, was, easily altered by adjusting the proportion of oxygen in the carrier gas and the reaction temperature of the furnace. A correlation between the experimental parameters and the product morphologies was proposed and discussed. Moreover, the influence of the deposition time on the field emission (FE) characteristics of ZnO-tetrapod cathodes fabricated by the electrophoretic deposition (EPD) method was investigated. The results show that ZnO-tetrapod cathodes grown for 15 min have the best field emission properties, with a turn-on field of 2.01 V/μm, a threshold field of ∼3.8 V/μm, a current density of 1.96 mA/cm2 at a field of ∼4.62 V/μm, and a field enhancement factor as high as 1.1×104. The low threshold field and marked enhancement in β were attributed to the small radius of curvature, the high aspect ratio, and, perhaps more importantly, the proper density distribution of ZnO tetrapods. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd and Techna Group S.r.l.

Zang W.,Fujian University of Technology | Wang Z.,Dalian University of Technology
Modern Tunnelling Technology | Year: 2014

As the tunnel body section is a relatively large proportion of the whole length of a tunnel, seismic risks cannot be ignored. A fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model (FCEM) was established to analyze the seismic risk to the body of a mountain tunnel. Based on data from 59 mountain tunnels damaged by the Wenchuan earthquake in the Sichuan province, 10 influential factors and their relationships to the earthquake were summarized: buried depth, construction situation, supporting structure and its intensity, section size and shape, seismic intensity, seismic wave direction, epicentral distance, tunnel length, fault and fractured weak zone, and surrounding rock. Furthermore, the analytic hierarchy process was adopted to calculate the weights of influential factors, and a fuzzy calculation was conducted using the trapezoidal and semantic membership function by fuzzy mathematics and weighted average method. FCEM was applied to the Longdongzi tunnel, with the results showing that the seismic risk to the Longdongzi tunnel body is extremely high.

Ou Z.J.,Fujian University of Technology
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

Due to the small section dimension, high compressive strength, large stiffness, and excellent deformation capacity, the use of concrete filled steel tube (CFST) piers is attractive, especially to high-pier and super-high-pier bridges located in mountains. This paper reviews available information concerning the application and development of CFST piers. Three bridge examples are then introduced, while the structural design and the construction methods of CFST column piers are described in detail. Furthermore, main parameters of CFST piers, such as slenderness ratio and material strength are concluded. Finally the future research direction of CFST column piers is viewed. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Wei Z.,Fujian University of Technology
Procedia Engineering | Year: 2011

This paper provides a general history and description of open source software. In the construction of digital libraries, using OSS is a good way to take hold of the key software development technology, including the significant improvement on open source software systems, the integration of multiple open source software systems and the integration of open source software and other technologies, In the implementation of OSS, attention should be paid to aspects such as comparative study of license, the rule of license usage, the importance of standardization as well as ways of managing the legal risks. © 2011 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Yong L.,Fujian University of Technology
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2012

This paper uses Rayleigh wavelet model to simulate wireless sensor network streaming media communication, provides the probability distribution and the analytical mode of burst character, and on this basis, does real-time prediction of network broadband based on Kalman filter to switch between SCTP and PRSCTP self-adaptively. Simulation experience shows that Rayleigh wavelet model can describe real-time streaming media communication flow accurately and Kalman filter can predict real-time network broadband precisely. Besides, compared with the former technology, streaming media transmission technology based on bandwidth prediction has superior performance in successful packet delivery fraction, end-to-end delivery and throughput rate.

Han M.,Fujian University of Technology
Hangkong Xuebao/Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica | Year: 2011

A reliability analysis of a liquid rocket engine for the case of zero-failure data is given in this paper to provide reference for the reliability evaluation of expensive and high-quality products such as those used in aviation and space travel. By means of Expected-Bayesian (E-Bayes) estimation, a prior distribution of failure probability is determined for the case where there is zero-failure data available in the trial run of the liquid rocket engine, and the E-Bayes estimation and hierarchical Bayesian (Bayes) estimation of failure probabilities are presented based on the related literature. After that the least square method and weighted least square method are used to obtain the parameters of life distribution and its reliability as well as the point and interval estimates. Finally, the calculated results of a practical problem show that the proposed method is feasible and convenient in engineering application.

Yong L.,Fujian University of Technology
Advances in Information Sciences and Service Sciences | Year: 2012

Based on cross layer design method, in view of the existing routing protocol AODV deficiency, this paper puts forward a communication distance perception in multi path routing protocol CD-AODV (Communication Distance-Aware Multipath AODV Routing Protocol). The prediction algorithm based on the extended Kalman filter between two communication distances is obtained, and then the AODV route finding and returning process was extended according to the communication distance. In routing control message transmission process, the sensor node by detecting the wireless channel SNR estimation current channel quality, as the next step to get the main path weights. The source sensor node based on wireless channel SNR and routing control messages transmitted in the alternative path weights selected the current best path for the main path.

Wei R.,Fujian University of Technology
Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials | Year: 2014

This article presents a study of the tribological properties of short carbon/polyamide (PA)/polytetrafluoroethylene hybrid composites. Their wear rate and the coefficient of friction were examined as a function of operating conditions (load and sliding distance) under dry and lubricated conditions. In addition, the hybrid composites with varying carbon to PA volume ratio were tested to assess hybrid effects. It was found that the friction and wear rate decreased with sliding distance and then leveled off under dry sliding conditions. Different changing patterns with normal load were observed under dry sliding conditions. Furthermore, it was noted that the hybrid effects on the wear resistance and the friction coefficient were identified for the current hybrid system. The composite with a carbon fiber content of 30 vol% was found to have the least wear and friction among all hybrid composites studied. Worn surfaces were observed by scanning electron microscope and wear mechanisms were discussed in this study. © The Author(s) 2012.

Yang C.,Fujian University of Technology
Bulletin of Materials Science | Year: 2012

Collagen-based scaffolds are appealing products for the repair of cartilage defects using tissue engineering strategies. The present study investigated the collagen scaffolds with and without 1-ethyl-3-(3-dimethyl aminopropyl) carbodiimide (EDC)/N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS)-crosslinking. Crosslinking density, matrix morphology, swelling ratio shrinkage temperature and resistance against collagenase digestion were determined to evaluate the physicochemical properties of the collagen matrices with and without crosslinking. The results conformed that the porous structure of collagen was largely preserved and adjusted by crosslinking treatment. Furthermore, crosslinked collagen samples showed significantly reduced swelling ratio and increased resistance against thermal treatment and enzymatic degradation compared to non-crosslinked samples. An in vitro evaluation of MC3T3-E1 cells seeded onto the crosslinked and non-crosslinked collagen matrix indicated that crosslinked collagen was nontoxic and improved cell proliferation. Through this work, it was shown that an osteoconductive collagen matrix with optimized properties used as bioactive and bioresorbable scaffolds in bone tissue engineering could be fabricated through the EDC/NHS-crosslinking method. © Indian Academy of Sciences.

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