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Hu M.,Fujian Institute of Research | Ma C.,Fujian Institute of Research | Wen H.,Fujian Institute of Research | Cui H.,Fujian Institute of Research | Chen C.,Fujian Institute of Research
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online | Year: 2014

The trinuclear title compound, [Fe3(C3H 6S2)2(CO)7], is a mixed-valent FeI/FeII complex and crystallizes with two molecules of similar configuration in the asymmetric unit. The three Fe atoms in each molecule display a bent arrangement [Fe-Fe-Fe = 156.22(4) and 157.06(3)°]. Both outer FeI atoms are six-coordinated in a distorted ocahedral coordination geometry defined by the bridging FeII atom, three carbonyl C atoms and two bridging S atoms. The coordination number of the central FeII atom is seven and includes bonding to the two outer FeI atoms, four bridging S atoms and one carbonyl C atom. The resulting coordination polyhedron might be described as a highly distorted monocapped trigonal prism. In the crystal packing, the molecules exhibit a chain-like arrangement parallel to [100] and [001], and the resulting layers are stacked along [010]. The cohesion of the structure is dominated by van der Waals interactions.

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