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The Hague, Netherlands

Fugro N.V. is a Dutch multinational company headquartered in Leidschendam with Mr. P. van Riel as Chairman of the Board of Management/CEO and H.L.J. Noy as Chairman of the Supervisory Board.Fugro provides geotechnical, survey and geoscience services to oil and gas, renewable energy, building and infrastructure, mining, and public sector industries. Fugro employs approximately 12,500 employees in over sixty countries.In 2013 Fugro’s revenues amounted to € 2.424 billion, it is listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and is included in the AEX-Index.The Starfix and Skyfix DGNSS systems are operated by Fugro, and provide correction information to GPS and GLONASS navigation and survey systems. These systems are also called Seastar and Omnistar . Wikipedia.

A method for indicating the presence of free gas charged sands, and/or hydrates over free gas, and/or hydrates not over free gas, the method using well log data and a rock physics model. Velocity and density of background clays and sands are extracted from the well log data. The extracted velocities and densities are used to build a rock physics model. An AVO response is generated that is representative of free gas-charged sands. An AVO response is generated that is representative of hydrates over free gas-charged sands. An AVO response is generated that is representative of hydrates devoid of free gas. The generated AVO responses are used to construct an AVO crossplot diagram that is further used to distinguish deposits of free gas charged sands from hydrates over free gas, from hydrates not over free gas.

Fugro | Date: 2013-02-28

A system for measuring the attitude of an object in a fixed frame of reference from a moving frame of reference, comprising a first imaging device for producing image data for the object from a first direction, a second imaging device for producing image data for the object from a second direction having a component perpendicular to the first direction and an attitude sensing arrangement for determining an attitude of the first and second imaging devices with respect to the fixed frame of reference at the time the respective images are taken and for generating attitude data. An image processing system analyses and combines the respective image data and attitude data to determine the attitude of the object. The system is particularly useful for determining attitude of offshore piles during piling operations or for monitoring the departure angles of pipes and cables during laying thereof.

Global Navigation Satellite (GNS) signal correction system (

Method for precise GNSS positioning system with improved ambiguity estimation. The method is based on the realization that, especially during convergence, the estimated float ambiguities are biased when estimated simultaneously with the ionosphere parameters. The ionosphere-like biases can be separated from the actual float ambiguities by using the fixed wide-lane (or extra wide-lane) integer ambiguities. The original real-valued ambiguities (e.g., one of L1, L2 and L5 in the GPS case) are corrected using the corresponding biases, resulting in reliable float ambiguities that are taken as input in the next processing step.

X-band and P-band synthetic aperture radars are used to simultaneously gather swaths of reflected radar data over a specific area simultaneously. The P-band is used to penetrate surface clutter that may be on the top of an ice formation as well as to penetrate an ice mass. X-band is used to map surface clutter on the top of an ice formation as well as to map the top of snow that may appear on an ice formation. Digital elevation maps of the top of the snow or ice clutter, the top of the ice, and the bottom of the ice and or ice thickness are constructed. By summing these various digital elevation maps a measurement of the thickness of sea ice can be determined. Further analysis of DEM, MAG and CRV layers provides an indication of the quality of the ice, for example cracks and pressure ridges, and its weak points.

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