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Moravský Beroun, Czech Republic

Svihla V.,Fugnerova 809 | Cernohous V.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti | Sach F.,Fugnerova 809 | Kantor P.,Mendel University in Brno
Zpravy Lesnickeho Vyzkumu | Year: 2014

The work was based on a long term water balance study of Norway spruce and European beech stands partly on the Deštenská stráň experimental area (DS), and partly on the U Dvou louček experimental catchment (UDL) in the Orlické hory Mts., Czech Republic. The aim of the study was to prove differences in hydrologic balance of spruce and beech stands during five growing periods in the years 2007-2011. Using water regime data from the DS plots, the effect of spruce substitute for beech on water balance in the UDL catchment was derived through regression and correlation analysis with statistical estimates and tests. Hydrological balance as a whole, i.e. sample of their components, was tested by two-factor analysis of variance with repeated single components. Obtained results proved that substitution of spruce stand for alternative beech stand would cause only little significant difference in water balance on the UDL catchment during special-interest growing seasons. Source

Svihla V.,Fugnerova 809 | Cernohous V.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti Strnady | Sach F.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti Strnady
Zpravy Lesnickeho Vyzkumu | Year: 2010

The article deals with analysis of precipitation-runoff relationship using hydrological balance within elementary runoff area of forest watershed in the Orlické hory Mts. The variables of hydrological balance are related to amounts of throughfall; the study deals with their relationships. A method by Kněžek was verified to separate components of runoff. We confi rmed a regulation function of underground soil water reservoir in the rainfall-runoff process. Calculated evapotranspiration mean value (1.65 mm per day) seems to be comparable to values under similar conditions. We proved that forest stands do not suffer from drought within the elementary runoff area (EOP) and maximal real water retention of soil is high (75 mm) which leads to minimum surface-runoff occurrence in forest. Soil water constants (hydrolimits) help us to get information on water component in soil water. Accuracy of results describing rainfall-runoff relationships using hydrological balance within EOP proves the analysis is correct. Source

Svihla V.,Fugnerova 809 | Cernohous V.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti | Sach F.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti | Kantor P.,Mendel University in Brno
Zpravy Lesnickeho Vyzkumu | Year: 2012

Impact of the water component of mountain forests on vast surroundings of the Orlické hory Mts is substantial from water management viewpoint. erefore, the system of silvicultural and hydrologic experimental objects was established. The Deštenská stráň long-term research area was located in the zone of European beech, Norway spruce and silver r mixed forest stands. The paper focuses on quantification of beech and spruce stand water regime and comparison of its water balance components. The principal objective is to judge their importance and environmental impact. The paper provides information about behaviour of group mixed beech and spruce mountain forest in terms of water component. Obtained results proved significance of differences in total runo and interception between young stands of both tree species. Differences in evapotranspiration and dynamics of soil water content were not proved. Our findings are consistent with scientific knowledge and results of other research studies in similar conditions. Source

The paper reveals hydrologic conditions for growth of Norway spruce young stands on recent immission salvage clear-cut experimental catchment in the late 1980s using pattern of water balance. The pattern was created on the basis of two elementary runoff plots with different soil water conditions. Modelling was based on measurement of suction pressures and hydraulic heads on both plots. The elementary runoff plots were examined within the experimental catchment that was treated with reconstruction of drainage system and addition of sporadic open ditches in July 1996. The model of hydrology balance was presented and verified for 2007-2009 growing periods. The hydrology balance was based on measurements and budget calculations of capillary and semicapillary soil water and gravitation water in aeration zone. Results acquired after hydrological and silvicultural catchment stabilization proved that during dry periods young spruce stands were supplied with water from deeper moist soil horizons, and during wet periods the soil was well drained by soil macropore system without waterlogging. Source

Svihla V.,Fugnerova 809 | Cernohous V.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti | Sach F.,Vyzkumny ustav lesniho hospodarstvi a myslivosti
Zpravy Lesnickeho Vyzkumu | Year: 2014

The objective of our study is to investigate a relationship of mountain forest and occurrence of floods within the forested watershed. Floods have received much attention lately, especially in terms of extreme peak discharges being lowered by forests. Our study is theoretically based on unit hydrograph (JH) and modified three linear reservoirs model (TLN). Eight flood events between 2005 and 2008, and one extraordinary event in 2000 were transformed in both models deriving precipitation of 100-year periodicity. We derived parameter x expressing influence of forest; it was based on underground retention space of forest soil and its impact on floods. Parameter x is a variable depending on the retention space as the particular events occur. Mitigation of floods depends on filling of retention soil space with infiltrated water. The parameter x varied between 0.61-0.69 depending on real retention of precipitation water in soil and given amount of rainfall causing floods. Source

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