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Toyama-shi, Japan

Frontier Inc. | Date: 2013-12-12

Described herein are methods and compositions for killing or preventing the growth of microbes. It has been discovered that a class of porphyrins can kill or prevent the growth of microbes. The porphyrins can be used in a number of different applications where microbes grow.

Disclosed herein are vinyl-bromides, vinyl-boronic acids and vinyl-boronic acid derivatives useful as synthetic intermediates for the preparation of therapeutic agents. Also disclosed are methods of synthesis of vinyl-bromides, vinyl-boronic acids and vinyl-boronic acid derivatives.

University of Toronto and Frontier Inc. | Date: 2012-05-18

Means are provided of increasing the growth potential and abiotic stress resistance in plants, characterized by expression of polynucleotides stably integrated into a plant genome or stably incorporated in the plant. Further provided are isolated nucleic acids and their stable inclusion in transgenic plants. The transgenic plants have shown desirable phenotypic characteristics when compared to control plants, for example, improved drought-resistance. Also taught are plants having increased growth potential due to improved abiotic stress resistance.

Frontier Inc. | Date: 2014-11-03

A method of controllably directing an elongate device into a vessel network including the steps of: obtaining a tubular component with a tubular wall bounding a passageway and having an aperture between spaced ends; directing an introducing member into the vessel network towards a target site; placing the introducing member and tubular component in an operative relationship wherein at least a portion of the introducing member resides within the passageway; relatively repositioning the introducing member and tubular component by guided movement, one against the other, to place the aperture at an introduction location; and directing the device through the passageway to and through the aperture to the target site.

Frontier Inc. | Date: 2014-03-17

Various forms of a cable fixation device, instrumentation, kit, and methods useful for repairing the skeletal system are introduced. The system utilizes a clamp housing fixing a butt end of a surgical cable therein. In an operative configuration the cable is looped around a damaged bone segment and reentered through a lock aperture in the clamp housing then through a collet and lock cap residing within the lock aperture. The cable loop and each aforementioned component comprise a central axis aligned within a single plane. A sliding interface situated between the lock cap and collet prevent twisting of the surgical cable. The locking mechanism is non-destructive to the cable despite repeated unlocking and relocking of the fixation device. The axis for tensioning of the cable is coincident with the locking axis. A counter torque instrument has a torsional input shaft generally perpendicular to the elongated axis of the instrument.

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