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Fritz Egger GmbH and Co. OG | Date: 2016-01-13

Building materials (non-metallic); coated or uncoated chipboard and wood fibre board; laminated chipboard panels; laminated floors; wood components, including load-bearing elements, slabs, joists and mouldings for building construction; windowsills. Furniture and furniture parts, including work tops, furniture facing elements, furniture carcass parts, edge elements, of wood fibre board or chipboard; laminates and plastic laminates for furniture construction. Floor and wall coverings (not of textile); underlay mats for laminated floors.

Fritz Egger GmbH and Co. OG | Date: 2013-03-06

The invention relates to a method for producing a structured, at least partly optically transparent varnish surface on a surface of a substrate board, preferably of a wood material board, having a decoration. The steps of the method include applying a transparent or at least partly transparent varnish to an applicator roll thereby producing a structured varnish surface and transferring the structured varnish surface to a substrate board having a decoration. The varnish is applied to the applicator roll by a plurality of digitally controlled nozzles in a distribution defining a structure and/or is transformed on the applicator roll into a distribution defining a structure. Furthermore, a device for carrying out the method is described.

Fritz Egger GmbH and Co. OG | Date: 2010-06-08

The invention concerns a panel (

Fritz Egger GmbH and Co. OG | Date: 2010-12-16

The invention relates to a group of elongate panels for imitating a slat, the group comprising at least two slat end panels which have respectively a first short traverse edge and a second short traverse edge and two longitudinal edges and which, when the first respective short traverse edges are placed end to end or are arranged on the end of short traverse edges of at least one elongate intermediate panel, form a slat which has a continuous decoration on the joint of the traverse edges. The panels may have bevel longitudinal edges on their decorated sides, and the second short traversal edge of the respective slat end panel is formed on the decorated side as a bevel transversal edge.

Fritz Egger GmbH and Co. OG | Date: 2011-06-06

The invention relates to a method for producing a panel, in particular a furniture or floor panel, wherein a decor, preferably a wood imitating decor, is applied to at least one surface of a plate-shaped substrate, and wherein the substrate or the decor is provided with an areal, three-dimensional structure. The method is substantially characterised in that to produce the structure, liquid and/or powdery application material is applied in a single layer or multiple layers to the substrate or the decor, in that the application material applied is solidified in regions by means of at least one digitally controllable device, and in that the device is controlled using structural data present in digital form.

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