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Fort Wayne, IN, United States

Franklin Electric is a manufacturer of submersible pumps, fueling systems and other applications such as submersible electric motors and center pivot irrigation systems. Founded in 1944 in Bluffton, Indiana, the company moved its corporate headquarters to nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana in summer 2013. The company has 20 facilities in 13 countries.Until 2004, Franklin Electric was primarily a supplier to OEMs such as ITT/Goulds and Pentair. Franklin shifted the business focus from being a motor OEM to being a supplier of ground water pumping products. The company has made a series of acquisitions in the water pumping industry, including The Little Giant Pump Company, JBD , Monarch Pumps, Centrifugal pump lines from Pioneer Pump, CAL pumps, Western Pump, Schneider Motobombas, Denorco Pumps, and a controlling share of Vertical Pumps of Italy. The company also manufactures pump products for agriculture irrigation and dewatering, coal bed methane, sump, sewage, and effluent, water gardening, OEM submersible electric motors, and the fluid fueling industry. It has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, China, and Japan. Wikipedia.

Franklin Electric | Date: 2014-03-14

A pumping system and method for operating a pumping system including a motor coupled to a variable speed drive to drive a pump. A torque indicator corresponding to the torque presented to the drive is determined. The torque indicator may be used to detect a fault if it exceeds a baseline torque, or to detect a defective transducer, or to detect a system change by perturbing one parameter and comparing another to a predicted value.

Franklin Electric | Date: 2011-03-11

This disclosure relates to a variable speed drive for driving a single phase motor. The variable speed drive generates enhanced motor voltages including harmonic components configured to reduce torque pulsations.

Franklin Electric | Date: 2015-01-22

A pump and a method of operating the pump at a duty-cycle based on the input voltage of the power source energizing the pump. The pump includes at least a first opto-coupler electrically coupled, to the power source. The method includes detecting at least a first opto-coupler state transition; determining a zero-crossing of the input voltage; determining an elapsed time between the zero-crossing and the first opto-coupler state transition; and operating the pump by energizing a power switch at a duty-cycle based on the elapsed time.

Franklin Electric | Date: 2013-08-15

An electric submersible progressing cavity pump (ESPCP) assembly that restricts reverse rotation of the pump motor and provides for efficient motor shutdown in the event of reverse rotation is disclosed. When the ESPCP rotates in a reverse direction, components associated with the rotating motor shaft stop rotation of the shaft to increase the torque and current of the motor, and the increased torque/current on the motor actuates a torque or current limit switch to shut off the motor. Also, particle and gas separation mechanisms are disclosed, which separate particulates and gas from the fluid flowing into the pump so that the fluid that reaches the rotor and stator assembly has a higher proportion of liquid than the resident well fluid.

Franklin Electric | Date: 2010-08-06

A submersible pump, and method of making the submersible pump, is disclosed. The pump comprises a housing, a plurality of impeller stages serially disposed in the housing from a bottom impeller stage to a top impeller stage, an impeller bypass hole extending through one of the impeller stages and a housing bypass hole extending through the housing radially outwardly from one of the impeller stages.

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