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Belleair Beach, FL, United States

Fractal Systems, Inc. | Date: 2010-07-02

An antenna includes at least one element whose physical shape is at least partially defined as a second or higher iteration deterministic fractal. The resultant fractal antenna does not rely upon an opening angle for performance, and may be fabricated as a dipole, a vertical, or a quad, among other configurations. The number of resonant frequencies for the fractal antenna increases with iteration number N and more such frequencies are present than in a prior art Euclidean antenna. Further, the resonant frequencies can include non-harmonically related frequencies. At the high frequencies associated with wireless and cellular telephone communications, a second or third iteration, preferably Minkowski fractal antenna is implemented on a printed circuit board that is small enough to fit within the telephone housing.

Fractal Systems, Inc. | Date: 2015-01-16

Arrangement of resonators in an aperiodic configurations are described, which can be used for electromagnetic cloaking of objects. The overall assembly of resonators, as structures, do not all repeat periodically and at least some of the resonators are spaced such that their phase centers are separated by more than a wavelength. The arrangements can include resonators of several different sizes and/or geometries arranged so that each size or geometry corresponds to a moderate or high Q response that resonates within a specific frequency range, and that arrangement within that specific grouping of akin elements is periodic in the overall structure. The relative spacing and arrangement of groupings can be defined by self similarity and origin symmetry.

Aspect of the present disclosure are directed to methods and apparatus producing enhanced radiation characteristics, e.g., wideband behavior, in or for antennas and related components by providing concentric sleeves, with air or dielectric material as a spacer, where the sleeves include one or more conductive layers, at least a portion of which includes fractal resonators closely spaced, in terms of wavelength. A further aspect of the present disclosure is directed to surfaces that include dual-use or multiple-use apertures. Such aperture engine surfaces can include a top (or first) layer of antenna arrays, a middle (or second) layer of a metal-fractal backplane player, and a third (or bottom) layer for solar cell or solar oriented power collection.

Fractal Systems, Inc. | Date: 2010-11-09

A portable antenna system includes an antenna that is substantially defined by one or more portions that include electrically conductive self-similar extensions. The system also includes an article of clothing in which the antenna is attached to a surface of the article of clothing such that electrically conductive self-similar extensions extend across the surface of the article of clothing.

Fractal Systems, Inc. | Date: 2010-02-08

An antenna including an electrically conductive portion defined substantially by a self-similar geometry present at multiple resolutions. The electrically conductive portion includes two or more angular bends and is configured to radiate broadband electromagnetic energy. The antenna further includes an electrically non-conductive portion that structurally supports the electrically conductive portion.

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