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San Francisco, CA, United States

Fountain | Date: 2015-03-06

A home beverage dispensing device for dispensing servings of a beverage, having a vessel for holding a volume of liquid. This vessel may be equipped with a refrigeration unit, or may be comprised of a removable pitcher that may be put in an external refrigerator. This invention is equipped with a radio communications controller to provide for the ability to communicate over radio frequencies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. A special disposable beverage cartridge or beverage pouch fits into the holder. This cartridge or pouch may have pressure rupturable seals or diaphragms and contain beverage concentrate. The mixing structure also receives the optionally chilled liquid from vessel for holding a volume of liquid, and ensures that the concentrate mixes with the liquid without contacting the walls of the mixing structure.

The present disclosure provides a microwaveable information destruction apparatus for rendering unreadable indicia printed on a label. In various embodiments the apparatus comprises an attachable information destruction strip structured and operable to be adhered to a substrate having disposed thereon a thermally responsive label with indicia printed thereon and/or the thermally responsive label. The information destruction is attachable such that the information destruction strip is in a thermally conductive relationship with the thermally responsive label. The information destruction strip is sized to cover at least the indicia printed on the thermally responsive label. Additionally, the information destruction strip comprises a microwave activated material operable to generate heat when exposed to microwave energy. The generated heat is of sufficient intensity to heat the thermally responsive label to a temperature sufficient to cause the thermally responsive label to react and render the indicia unreadable.

Genetically engineered host animal cells capable of producing glycoproteins having modified glycosylation patterns, e.g., defucosylation and/or monoglycosylation. Such host animal cells can be engineered to express fucosidase, endoglycosidase or both.

Fountain | Date: 2012-02-29

A method of encoding data operates on an ordered set of input symbols and includes generating redundant symbols from the input symbols, and includes generating output symbols from a combined set of symbols including the input symbols and the redundant symbols, wherein the number of possible output symbols is much larger than the number of the combined set of symbols, wherein at least one output symbol is generated from more than one symbol in the combined set of symbols and from less than all of the symbols in the combined set of symbols. The redundant symbols are generated from an ordered set of input symbols in a deterministic process such that a first set of static symbols calculated using a first input symbol has a low common membership with a second set of static symbols calculated using a second input symbol distinct from the first input symbol.

Fountain | Date: 2013-08-07

A pressure head with foaming function mounted onto a container with liquid substances includes a low-pressure suction force generator with a reducing port set into the discharge pipe of the pressure head, such that liquid already absorbed to the discharge pipe can flow through the guide port of the discharge pipe. The liquid is then collected and extruded from the reducing port, thus increasing the flow speed and reducing the pressure to generate a low-pressure suction force. An it guide port is arranged onto the discharge pipe and also located at a spacing with the reducing port. While the liquid is extruded from the reducing port to generate low-pressure suction force, air out of the discharge pipe is absorbed from the air guide port to the discharge pipe, such that an is mixed with liquid, making the liquid extruded from the discharge pipe foamed.

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