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King Fortune Electrical Co. | Date: 2011-06-28

Electric devices for attracting and killing mosquitoes, electric expelling devices for attracting and killing insects; disc reorganization box, namely, holders for compact discs; video projectors; video cassette recorders; electrical power cords, enameled electrical wires, electric cable, electric welding torches; electric perm hair rollers; electrical switches, capacitors; computer cooling fans, electronic touch-sensitive switches; battery chargers, remote controls for televisions; electric mosquito racket devices for attracting and killing mosquitoes; motorcycle safety helmets; electric irons, notebook computers, handheld computers, portable computers, network flash memory cards; disk memories; blank optical discs; portable tape recorders, accumulators, lithium batteries, telephones, mobile phones, computer chips, circuit boards, interface cards for data processing in the form of printed circuits; traffic safety and warning appliances, namely, vehicle traffic signals; electric power transformer photovoltaic cladding panels for converting electronic radiation to electrical energy. Laser light projectors; ozone generators that kill mold and mildew; fish bowl water tank filters, fish bowl water tank heaters, electric heating fans, electric cold fans, water cooling fans, hot water heaters, solar water heaters, solar energy cold warming air conditioners, seepage water purification machines, counter seepage type water purification machines, air purification machines, electric roasters; gas water heaters; flashlights, gas stoves, hair dryers; car lamps, namely, headlights for vehicles; desk lamps, wall lamps, ice making machines, electric drying shoes machines, urgent illuminating lamps, solar energy powered lamps, electric coffeepots; air purifying machines, kitchen ventilators, ventilating exhaust fans, electric toasters, dehumidifiers, microwave ovens, electric cooking ovens, electromagnetic cooking ovens, electric hot water bottles, electric fans, electric rice cookers, ceiling fans, ceiling lamps, ceiling fan lamps, drinking fountains, electric dish dryers, electric wall fans, electric heaters for heating food.

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