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Sunnyvale, CA, United States

Fortinet, Inc. is an American multinational corporation founded in 2000 by brothers Ken and Michael Xie. The company sells high performance network security products and services including their flagship integrated network security solution, the FortiGate firewall. Fortinet distributes its systems and subscription-based services using the channel partner sales method via more than 20,000 partners worldwide. Fortinet is positioned as the revenue leader in Unified Threat Management .Fortinet competes in the UTM and network security industry against Cisco, Check Point, Juniper, and Palo Alto Networks, among others. Wikipedia.

Methods and systems for detecting undesirable computer files based on scanning and analysis of information contained within an associated digital certificate chain are provided. According to one embodiment, a file having associated therewith a certificate chain is received. A type and structure of the file are identified. A location of the certificate chain is determined based on the identified type and structure. A signature of the file is formed by extracting a targeted subset of information from the certificate chain. The file is evaluated by comparing the signature with a set signatures having a known desirable or undesirable status. The file is classified based on a result of the evaluating into a category of multiple categories, including one indicative of an associated file being an undesired file or a file suspected of being undesired. The file is handled in accordance with a policy associated with the category.

Fortinet | Date: 2015-10-14

Systems and methods for managing configuration of a client security application based on a network environment in which the client device is operating are provided. According to one embodiment, a network connection state of a client device with respect to a private network is determined by a client security application running on the client device. The client security application, then selects a configuration based on the determined network connection state. Finally, the client security application launches one or more functions of the client security application that are designated by the selected configuration.

Fortinet | Date: 2015-05-14

Systems and methods are described for a mobile hotspot that can be managed by an access controller. According to an embodiment, a WAN connection is established by a mobile hotspot through a telecommunication data network via a wireless WAN module. When in a first mode, the mobile hotspot: (i) sets up a secure tunnel through the WAN connection with an AC of the enterprise that manages APs of a wireless network of an enterprise; (ii) broadcasts an SSID that is also broadcast by the APs; (iii) establishes a WLAN connection with a WiFi-enabled device based on an AP profile containing (a) authentication information regarding users approved to access the wireless network and (b) information identifying the SSID; (iv) receives WLAN traffic from the WiFi-enabled device through the WLAN connection; and (v) transmits the WLAN traffic to a server of the enterprise via the secure tunnel and the AC.

Fortinet | Date: 2015-12-16

Methods and systems for Data Leak Prevention (DLP) in an enterprise network are provided. According to one embodiment, a data leak protection method is provided. Information regarding a watermark filtering rule is received by a network security device. The information includes a sensitivity level and an action to be applied to files observed by the network security device that match the watermark filtering rule. A file attempted to be passed through the network security device is received by the network security device. A watermark embedded within the received file is detected by the network security device. A sensitivity level associated with the watermark is compared by the network security device to the sensitivity level of the watermark. When the comparison results in a match, then the action specified by the watermark filtering rule is performed by the network security device.

Fortinet | Date: 2015-03-26

Systems and methods for normalization of physical interfaces having different physical attributes are provided. According to one embodiment, information regarding multiple network devices is presented to a network manager. The network devices have substantially identical function. Two physical interfaces of two network devices that are to be normalized are identified. The physical interfaces are normalized by creating a virtual interface (VI) to which both correspond. A policy applicable to the VI is received. Configuration files, in which policies or rules contained therein are expressed in terms of the VI, are created for the network devices while they are offline. Physical interface configurations for the physical interfaces are resolved during installation of the network devices by resolving references to the VI in the configuration files into the respective physical interfaces.

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