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Everett, WA, United States

Fluke Corporation | Date: 2015-09-14

The pumps and pressure controllers described herein aim to pump fluid in two directions, such as from a first port to a second port and vice versa. The pressure controllers aim to control pressure in a system or device, such as a test device, accurately and precisely at a variety of different pressure levels. Generally described, the pumps and pressure controllers described herein may include two or more control valves, which may be actuatable in such a manner so that the pump or pressure controller can switch between operating as a vacuum pump and operating as a compressor. In some embodiments, the pressure controllers may be able to adjust a pressure in the device by small increments thereby providing increased control of the pressure in the device over the prior art. Furthermore, the pressure controllers may be able to control the pressure of a system having low pressure levels.

A method of automatically binding first and second devices for RF communication is disclosed. One step of the method involves establishing a secure, non-RF communication mode between the first and second devices. According to another step, first and second communication addresses respectively identifying the first and second devices are exchanged in the secure, non-RF communication mode such that the first and second devices will recognize each other as communication partners. The secure, non-RF communication mode is then terminated and an RF communication mode is established between the first and second devices as a first bound pair.

Fluke Corporation | Date: 2015-12-18

An assembly and method for installing a viewing window into a single hole in a panel of an enclosure from a single side. A viewing window assembly comprises actuators and attachment members configurable to allow the attachment members to pass through a hole in a panel from a front side. Upon actuation of the actuators, the attachment members may engage one or both of the back surface of the panel and the inner edge of the hole therein in order to secure the window assembly to the panel.

A system for producing thermal images acquires at least first and second thermal images comprising a plurality of pixels and a first and second dynamic range, respectively. The second dynamic range is such that its upper limit is higher than that of the first, and at least partially overlaps the first. A final thermal image is created comprising pixels from the first thermal image that are not saturated or nearly saturated with respect to the first dynamic range, and pixels from the second thermal image that are saturated or nearly saturated with respect to the first dynamic range. The resulting final image generally comprises both a large dynamic range and high signal-to-noise ratio.

Fluke Corporation | Date: 2015-09-16

Test and measurement systems can include a test and measurement tool configured to generate measurement data representative of at least one parameter of an object under test and an imaging tool configured to generate image data representative of a target scene. The imaging tool can be removably attachable to the test and measurement tool. The test and measurement system can include a communication link that can provide communication between the test and measurement tool and the imaging tool. The communication link can facilitate one or both of communication of image data to the test and measurement tool and measurement data to the imaging tool. Systems can include a display in communication with at least one of the test and measurement tool or the imaging tool for presenting at least one of image data or measurement data to a user.

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