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Kent, WA, United States

A jet receiving receptacle is provided which is coupleable to a high-pressure fluid jet system opposite a nozzle thereof to receive a fluid jet discharged from the nozzle after it acts on a workpiece. The jet receiving receptacle may include an elongated inlet alignable with a direction of travel of the nozzle to receive the fluid jet in a deflected state. The jet receiving receptacle may further include a jet deflection device positioned downstream of the elongated inlet to redirect at least a portion of the fluid jet and a jet rebound device located upstream of the jet deflection device to be impinged on by the redirected portion of the fluid jet. The jet deflection device and jet rebound device may form, in combination with a housing, a device to trap the fluid jet. Fluid jet cutting systems incorporating a jet receiving receptacle and related methods are also provided.

Computer based methods, systems, and techniques for planning and generating machining paths for a tool that manufactures a three dimensional object having beveled or compound contours from a workpiece. A computer aided design (CAD)/computer aided manufacturing (CAM) system creates intermediate machining path surfaces that extend based on a CAD solid model representing the geometry of the object to be manufactured. The intermediate machining path surfaces extend to a shape that simulates a cutting beam (e.g., a waterjet, a laser beam, etc.) of the tool. For a flat workpiece, the machining path surfaces may extend from a top surface of the workpiece, which is a tool beam entrance surface, to a bottom surface of the workpiece, which is a tool beam exit surface. An operator is able to visualize the cuts to be made and the actual finished object geometry, without requiring the creation of multiple CAD solid models.

Fluid jet systems, components and related methods are provided which are well adapted for processing workpieces under particularly work-friendly conditions. Embodiments include fluid jet systems and related methods that reduce, minimize or eliminate a gap between a workpiece being processed and jet receiving devices that receive and dissipate the energy of a fluid jet passing through the workpiece. Other embodiments include fluid jet systems and related methods involving fluid jet processing of workpieces in a submerged condition. Still further embodiments include fluid jet systems and related methods involving position and orientation adjustment of a fluid jet receptacle to coordinate the path of an incoming fluid jet with a central axis or other feature of the fluid jet receptacle.

Flow International | Date: 2014-08-27

Systems and related methods are provided for adjusting the position and orientation of an end effector of a multi-axis machine (e.g., a manipulable cutting head of a fluid jet cutting machine) relative to a base reference frame. Systems include an adjustable tool mount having a base structure that includes portions or regions that are selectively deformable to adjust a position and an orientation of a tool supported by the adjustable tool mount.

Flow International | Date: 2012-12-21

A processing apparatus is provided to process a workpiece. The processing apparatus can have a low-profile nozzle system capable of navigating through spaces in order to process target regions with relatively small clearances. A fluid jet outputted from the nozzle system is used to cut, mill, or otherwise process the target region of the workpiece.

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