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Bonn, Germany

Anomalotinea tisliticola Gaedike & Kullberg, sp. n. is described from the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains. The species is the first member of the genus with a brachypterous female. © 2015, Soc Hispano-Luso-Amer Lepidopterologia-Shilap. All rights reserved. Source

Proterospastis orientalis (Petersen, 1959) is here reported for the first time from Malta, Greece and the whole of Europe. In the Maltese Islands, the genus Proterospastis is now represented by three species, P. merdella Zeller, 1852, the recently recorded P. autochthones Walsingham, 1907, and P. orientalis Petersen, 1959. Source

The examination of the tineid moths in the Microlepidoptera collection of the Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran (IRIPP) shows 27 species of Iran, of which seven are recorded from the country for the first time: Morophaga cremnarcha (Meyrick, 1932); M. hyrcanella Zagulajev, 1966; Nemapogon meridionella Zagulajev, 1962; Infurcitinea frustigerella (Walsingham, 1907); Edosa lardatella (Lederer, 1858); E. fuscoviolacella (Ragonot, 1895); Elatobia fuliginosella (Lienig & Zeller, 1846). Hitherto 71 species are known from Iran, they are listed in a checklist. Color pictures show the seven new Iranian tineids. Source

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