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Melbourne, FL, United States

The Florida Institute of Technology , is a private doctoral/research university in Melbourne, Florida. Florida Tech has five academic divisions with emphases on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics . The university's 130-acre primary, residential campus is located near the Melbourne International Airport and the Florida Tech Research Park; it is about 50 miles from the Kennedy Space Center and 75 miles from Orlando.The university was founded in 1958, as Brevard Engineering College, and has been known by its present name since 1966. In 2013, Florida Tech had an on-campus student body of 4,633, almost equally divided between graduate- and undergraduate-level students, with the plurality of them focusing their studies on engineering and the science. Across the 2012-2013 academic year, the university served approximately 16,000 students in total.Florida Tech is ranked among the best national doctoral-granting universities in the US and the world's best universities. The university has more than 60,000 alumni, including a National Teacher of the Year recipient, director of a NASA center, five astronauts, several astronaut candidates, the first female four-star general, two other four-star generals and nearly two dozen other generals, a 1992 Olympic medalist, a major league pitcher and others that serve as scientists, engineers, pilots, and managers in many high-technology enterprises. Wikipedia.

Florida Institute of Technology | Date: 2012-02-09

A bipod robotic walking apparatus consisting of two feet on the coupler link of a spherical four-bar linkage, for movement in a forward or rearward direction by repeated motions of the four-bar linkage. Three four-bar linkages may be connected in tandem to form a hexapod with three points of contact with the ground.

Florida Institute of Technology | Date: 2015-04-29

An optical-to-optical inline spatial domain multiplexing (SDM) de-multiplexer for SDM communication comprising a plurality of concentric core layers each having a beveled output end and a cladding layer concentrically surrounding each core layer. The cladding layer has an index that is lower than the index of the core layer it surrounds. Also included is a system for SDM communication comprising at least one optical source to transmit optical energy, an SDM optical carrier fiber to receive optical energy from the source and output a plurality of SDM signals, a SDM de-multiplexer as described above wherein the SDM signals output from the carrier fiber are each incident upon one of the core layers, optical output fibers positioned to couple SDM signals from each cladding layer, and a photodetector communicatively coupled to the outputs of the optical output fibers to couple the SDM signals output from the optical output fibers.

A novel fiber optic modal multiplexed data communication system is shown and claimed, wherein an optical fiber end structure may comprise a truncated cylindrical wedge that is angled with respect to the longitudinal axis of the optical fiber, and further comprises a lip that is generally perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the optical fiber on both ends of the fiber. The system and method of the invention may comprise at least one but preferably a plurality of laser transmitters to illuminate an optical fiber and at least one but preferably a plurality of optical detectors to detect radiated standing wave and linear polarized modes emanating from the fiber end face. The laser transmitters may be modulated to carry information to at least one receiver, and may comprise Forward Error Correction encoding. The invention may employ single, few mode or multimode optical fibers.

Florida Institute of Technology | Date: 2015-09-04

A vertically rotating grooming attachment brush comprising a brush hub and bristles, and method for cleaning a surface having organic biofouling. The bristles extend from the brush hub and are positioned at or near its outer rim. One or more rows of bristles can be included. The bristles can be grooming bristles or shroud bristles or a combination of the two. A rigid or elastomeric shroud or skirt can also be included about the edge of the brush hub. Vertical rotation of the grooming attachment brush causes a low pressure region to build in the central area of the brush hub. This low pressure region creates a force that forcefully attracts the grooming attachment brush to the surface to be cleaned.

A novel optical fiber end structure and method for creating same in which an optical fiber end structure may comprise a cylindrical wedge having a planar surface angled with respect to the longitudinal axis of the optical fiber and a flat surface that is generally perpendicular with the longitudinal axis of the optical fiber. The device and method of the invention may employ a single or plurality of mechanically polished wedges on the end or ends of an optical fiber, which may, in a best mode, be a few mode fiber. The method and device of the invention may be used to independently modulate standing waves or linearly polarized waves, or both, allowing for a modal multiplexed system. The invention radiates independent standing wave modes and/or linearly polarized modes from the dielectric waveguide structure, and may be employed in single, few mode or multimode optical fibers.

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