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Padalkar A.S.,Flora Institute of Technology | Mali K.V.,NBN Sinhgad Technical Institute Campus | Devotta S.,Chemical and Environmental Engineering Consultant
Applied Thermal Engineering | Year: 2014

This paper discusses the use of propane (HC-290) as a safe and energy efficient alternative to HCFC-22 in a typical split air conditioner with nominal cooling capacities up to 5.1 kW. Initially split air conditioner performance is simulated for cooling capacity, energy efficiency ratio (EER), and refrigerant charge. Tests were conducted for different test cases in a psychrometric test chamber with HCFC-22 and HC-290. The test conditions considered are as per Indian Standards, IS 1391 (1992) Part I. The various parameters considered were based on simulated performance with the objective to achieve maximum EER for the desired cooling capacity. As the flammability is an issue for HC-290, the reduction of HC-290 charge was another objective. Two different types of condensers, first with smaller size tubing and another parallel flow condenser (PFC) or minichannel condenser were used in order to reduce HC-290 charge. For HC-290, the highest EER achieved was 3.7 for cooling capacity 4.90 kW for a refrigerant charge of 360 g. The important safety aspects of using HC-290 in air conditioner are discussed. The refrigerant charge as per EN 378 for different cooling capacities and room sizes is also considered. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Pandhare A.P.,College of Engineering, Pune | Padalkar A.S.,Flora Institute of Technology
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

The awareness on biodiesel in developing countries in the recent times has been increased. Several activities have been picked up for its production especially with a view to boost the rural economy. In the present investigation biodiesel was prepared from jatropha curcas seed oil (non edible oil). Before exploiting any plant for industrial application, it is imperative to have complete information about its biology, chemistry, and all other applications so that the potential of plant could be utilized maximally. Biodiesel was prepared by transesterification process of jatropha oil with methanol in heterogeneous system, using heterogeneous catalyst. The heterogeneous catalysts are environment friendly and render the process simplified. Calcination process was followed by the dependence of the conversion of jatropha oil on the reaction variables such as the catalyst loading; the molar ratio of the methanol to oil, reaction temperature agitation speed and the reaction time was studied. The conversion was over 89% at a reaction temperature of 70oC and molar ratio 12:1. Finally, Jatropha oil methyl esters was characterized to test its properties as fuels in diesel engines, such as viscosity, flash point, cetane number. Results showed that biodiesel obtained under the optimum conditions is an excellent substitute for fossil fuels. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Shinde S.,Flora Institute of Technology | Tidke B.,Flora Institute of Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2015

Clustering focuses to organize a collection of data items into clusters, such that items within a cluster are more "similar" to each other than they are to items in the other clusters. The kmeans method is one of the most widely used clustering techniques for various applications. Applications like Searching, Retrieving as well as Reading research Documents are more Time consuming because we need more time for searching or reading single papers or document, so it is required that use enhanced search engine which is based on fastest reading algorithm which provides best output or results. So we are proposed Enhanced architecture with improved k-means algorithm, which proposes a method for making the algorithm more effective and efficient, so as to get better clustering with reduced complexity. It will search the base keyword or string of the content from the knowledge database. Proposed work uses the search engine based on clustering and text mining. © 2015 ACM.

Funde R.,Flora Institute of Technology | Chandre P.,Flora Institute of Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2015

A Networking system that does not liable on static infrastructure that interconnects various nodes in identical broadcast range is called as Mobile Ad-hoc Network. A Network requires adaptive connectivity deprived from any interference. In this paper, we design and developed a dynamic cluster head selection to detect gray hole attack in MANETs on the origin of battery power. MANETs has dynamic nodes so we delivered novel way to choose cluster head by self-stabilizing election algorithm followed by MD5 algorithm for security purposes. The Dynamic cluster based intrusion revealing system to detect gray hole attack in MANET Architecture has to enhanced performance in terms of Packet delivery ratio and throughput due to dynamic cluster based IDS, associating results of existing system with proposed system, throughput of network increased, end to end delay and routing overhead has less performance compared with existing due to gray hole nodes in the MANET. The future work can be prolonged by using security algorithm AES and MD6 and also it is include additional node to create large network by comparing multiple routing protocol in MANETs. © 2015 ACM.

Kshirsagar A.P.,Flora Institute of Technology | Chandre P.R.,Flora Institute of Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2015

Software quality is very important. There are many software development organizations of different sizes. Quality Assurance System (QAS) is a software application that is designed to help testing team and software developers to keep track of whatever the bugs present in the work. It is also called as Bug Tracking System/Issue tracking system (ITS).Complete and proper information in the bug report helps developers to quickly and easily solve the bug. Analysis of the existing ITS is done to find out limitations. Numbers of ITS are focusing only on large organizations. Small organizations where single resource may have many role and constantly changing number of resources per project. Implemented system is focusing on small as well as big organizations. Implemented system tries to find out facilities which are absent in existing systems and adding feature as duplicate issue detection effectively and calculate developers performance. The system is able to store all the details of project starting phase to its completion. In the system, total time required to complete the given task is calculated so that it is able to find out software developers performance or track duration required to complete any project. As employees performance is calculated through the system, employee can easily find out where he/she lags behind.So that employee can improve their performance to get appraisal. Ultimately, it helps to increase productivity, reduce downtime. To get appraisal, employee can work efficiently, the project get completed within a given time. So, it will definitely increase client satisfaction. © 2015 ACM.

More M.,Flora Institute of Technology | Tidke B.,Flora Institute of Technology
2015 International Conference on Pervasive Computing: Advance Communication Technology and Application for Society, ICPC 2015 | Year: 2015

Today, the world is going towards web due to tremendous growth of Internet. People are taking a help of opinions from web for getting ideas to start a new business, improving its current business or taking knowledge about particular thing from different point of views. Opinions are not always true or beneficial since people write opinion based on its own behavior, emotions, experience which makes people confused by seeing various types of opinions and get failed to take right decision. Therefore, there are needs for summarization of such fraudulent opinions and has become great challenge in today's e-world. This paper proposed robust feature-based opinion summarization system based on weighting scheme and association rule after preprocessing techniques, also ensemble technique used for feature extraction and finally finding out the orientation of extracted features and then display the summary of reviews. © 2015 IEEE.

Paithankar R.,Flora Institute of Technology | Tidke B.,Flora Institute of Technology
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2016

Applying the traditional clustering algorithms on high-dimensional datasets scales down in the efficiency and effectiveness of the output clusters. H-K Means is advancement over the problems caused in K-means algorithm such as randomness and apriority in the primary centers for K-means, still it could not clear away the problems as dimensional disaster which is due to the high-computational complexity and also the poor quality of clusters. Subspace and ensemble clustering algorithms enhance the execution of clustering high-dimensional dataset from distinctive angles in diverse degree, still in a solitary viewpoint. The proposed model conquers the limitations of traditional H-K means clustering algorithm and provides an algorithm that automatically improves the performance of output clusters, by merging the subspace clustering algorithm (ORCLUS) and ensemble clustering algorithm with the H-K Means algorithm that partitions and merge the clusters based on the number of dimensions. Proposed model is evaluated for various real datasets. © Springer Science+Business Media Singapore 2016.

Jadhav H.,Flora Institute of Technology | Chandre P.,Flora Institute of Technology
2016 International Conference on Computer Communication and Informatics, ICCCI 2016 | Year: 2016

Data mining is one of the techniques in the knowledge discovery process and denotes to mining information from large amount of records. One of the significant and popular data mining process is association rule mining which is used to find frequent patterns in the given dataset in which the apriori algorithm are the most common for mining frequent item set. This paper explored DES algorithm in client side for generating the secret key to encrypt the items of the support table. Apriori algorithm is used at server side for getting transaction data from the client side by applying threshold or sigma value to filter out the item set whose frequency has to less than sigma value. The main focus of this paper is to achieve more security of the client side. © 2016 IEEE.

Satpute Y.Y.,Flora Institute of Technology | Tidke B.A.,Flora Institute of Technology
Proceedings - 2015 International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks, CICN 2015 | Year: 2015

Data hiding is a process that includes converting the secret data like a video file, an audio file, an image, etc. Into cover data. It is popularly used in various applications like medical fields, military applications, etc. The reversible data hiding is nowadays the most used research area in the field of secret data hiding. In this project, side-match vector quantization and image in painting is used for an integrated data-hiding and compression scheme that is used for digital images. A combined data hiding and compression technique which is based on SMVQ (side-match vector quantization) and image in painting is proposed. Two functions, data hiding and image compression can be integrated into one single code to secure the private data more efficiently. © 2015 IEEE.

Yadav R.J.,College of Engineering, Pune | Padalkar A.S.,Flora Institute of Technology
Journal of Thermodynamics | Year: 2012

CFD investigation was carried out to study the heat transfer enhancement characteristics of air flow inside a circular tube with a partially decaying and partly swirl flow. Four combinations of tube with twisted-tape inserts, the half-length upstream twisted-tape condition (HLUTT), the half-length downstream twisted-tape condition (HLDTT), the full-length twisted tape (FLTT), and the plain tube (PT) with three different twist parameters ( = 0.14, 0.27, and 0.38) have been investigated. 3D numerical simulation was performed for an analysis of heat transfer enhancement and fluid flow for turbulent regime. The results of CFD investigations of heat transfer and friction characteristics are presented for the FLTT, HLUTT, and the HLDTT in comparison with the PT case. © 2012 R. J. Yadav and A. S. Padalkar.

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