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Bedford, NH, United States

Ferrotec (USA) | Date: 2012-07-13

A method of using a high-strength bonding and coating mixture is disclosed. The mixture includes a silicon compound having a polycarbosilane backbone and a powder having a plurality of individual powder grains. Each of the powder grains has a diameter substantially between 0.05 micrometers and 50 micrometers. The mixture is applied to one or more work pieces and the work piece(s) is (are) heated in either an inert or reduction environment to a temperature sufficient to decompose the silicon compound into gaseous atoms and radicals of silicon and carbon.

A thermoelectric module capable of minimizing thermally and physically induced stress includes a pair of substrates having a plurality of electrically conductive contacts disposed on opposing faces, a plurality of P-type and N-type thermoelectric elements interposed between the pair of substrates forming a thermoelectric element circuit, and one or more of a stress minimizing structural element interposed between the pair of substrates where the stress minimizing structural element has a first surface fixed to one of the pair of substrates and a second surface fixed to the other of the pair of substrates in locations between the pair of substrates that minimize the effects of physical and thermal stresses on the plurality of P-type and N-type thermoelectric elements.

Ferrotec (USA) | Date: 2014-04-19

A fluid heat exchanger has an impeller assembly with first and second impeller bodies mated together, each having a substantially circular shape and at least one opening therethrough. Impeller vanes extend transversely from the first impeller body and away from the second impeller body. Impeller vanes extend transversely from the second impeller body away from the first impeller body. A thermoelectric module is disposed between the first impeller body and the second impeller body. Heat sinks are connected to each side of the thermoelectric module and extend through at least one opening in the first and second impeller bodies, where the impeller vanes are configured to move a fluid through the heat sinks during rotation of the first and second impeller bodies. Electrically-conductive windings disposed in the impeller assembly are configured to deliver induced electric current to the one or more thermoelectric modules.

Ferrotec (USA) | Date: 2010-09-24

A gas injector for use in injecting process gas into a space in a vertical furnace between a tower supporting multiple wafers and a tubular liner includes a tubular straw having an open distal end and a first bore extending along a first axis and composed of a first single material selected from the group consisting of silicon, quartz, and silicon carbide, and a connector detachably connected to the straw section, composed of a second material other than the first material and including a supply tube having a second bore extending along a second axis perpendicular to the first axis and in fluid communication with the first bore and having a distal end connectable to a gas supply line.

Ferrotec (USA) | Date: 2013-03-06

An electrical breakdown limiter circuit and method for a high voltage power supply includes an inductor having an inductor input and an inductor output wherein the inductor is electrically coupled in series between a high voltage output of the high voltage power supply and a load, and a controllable switch electrically coupled in series with the inductor between the high voltage output of the high voltage power supply and the inductor input wherein the controllable switch is opened when an electrical breakdown event at the load is detected downstream from the inductor output that causes a high voltage at the inductor output to decrease, the controllable switch returning to a normally closed position upon clearing of the electrical breakdown.

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