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Vista, CA, United States

Ferro Corporation is an American producer of technology-based performance materials for manufacturers. Ferro was founded in 1919 by Harry D. Cushman in Cleveland. The company's headquarters are currently located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, outside of Cleveland.In 2007, the company was listed as 844 on the Fortune 1000. As of 2011, Ferro operated 40 manufacturing facilities around the world. Wikipedia.

Ferro Corporation | Date: 2014-07-16

A phenol-free overbased alkaline earth metal carboxylate is obtained by reacting a cyclic ether alcohol, an alkaline earth metal hydroxide, a fatty carboxylic acid, carbon dioxide, an optional fatty alcohol, and an optional liquid hydrocarbon solvent or oil.

This invention relates to lead free and cadmium free copper-containing glass frits that can be used as pigments to color other glass frits or to impart color to solid substrates such as glass, ceramic or metals, or to impart color to a thermoplastic mass. The compositions comprise silica, alkali metal oxides, alkaline earth metal oxides, tin oxide and copper oxide. The resulting compositions can be used to decorate and protect automotive, beverage, architectural, pharmaceutical and other glass substrates, generally imparting a red color.

Ferro Corporation | Date: 2013-07-25

Various laser marking compositions and related methods are described. The laser marking compositions utilize one or more populations of particles having certain average particle sizes or a range of sizes. Marks or other indicia formed using the compositions and methods exhibit increased contrast, improved substrates bonding, and greater dispersability.

Ferro Corporation | Date: 2014-06-18

A composition that upon firing, forms a non-stick enamel layer is disclosed. The composition can be applied to a metal substrate to provide a non-stick, durable coating for cooking surfaces. Also disclosed are methods of forming enamel layers and corresponding coated substrates. Various ground coats and related methods are also described. Furthermore, various multilayer coatings and structures are disclosed that include an enamel layer and a ground coat layer.

Ferro Corporation | Date: 2013-06-06

Inkjet compositions that can be applied to glass and/or ceramic substrates to impart various effect to the substrate after firing, including: gloss, matt, contrast gloss (luster), specular reflection (metallic appearance), relief and slipperiness. The inkjet compositions include solvents, additives for dispersion, and inorganic substances, but preferably do not include any color-producing ceramic pigments. The inorganic substances contained in the inkjet compositions are the responsible for the above mentioned effects on the surface of the ceramic article. Depending on the type of effect desired, the inorganic substance may be a specific frit, a crystalline oxide, or a combination of frits and crystalline oxides.

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