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Lake Zurich, IL, United States

A system and method processes blood donation data for presentation on an operator interface. A handheld computing device has a touch screen display and a processing circuit to provide an icon associated with an executable application on a first display screen, the icon configured to be positioned along with icons for other executable applications on the first display screen. The processing circuit is to retrieve an indication of a need for a particular blood component, wherein the particular blood component is selected from the group comprising whole blood, double red cells and plasma. The processing circuit is to provide the indication of the need for a particular blood component to the display. The processing circuit is to provide to the touch screen display a remaining time or a date the blood donor is next eligible to donate a blood component based on a donation eligibility guideline.

A system is provided for separating a bodily fluid, such as blood, into two or more constituent parts. The system is configured to cooperate with a fluid flow circuit including a spinning membrane-type fluid separation chamber having a housing, with a fluid inlet port and at least one fluid outlet port. A rotor is positioned within the housing so as to define a gap between the rotor and an inside surface of the housing, with the rotor being rotatable relative to the housing about an axis. A membrane is mounted on the rotor and/or on the inside surface of the housing and faces the gap to separate bodily fluid within the housing into two or more constituent parts. The membrane includes an anti-thrombogenic material, which may be either incorporated into the material of the membrane or coated onto at least a portion of the membrane.

Fenwal Inc. | Date: 2015-01-21

A flow control clamp having a first member and a second member movable from a first open position to a second irreversibly closed position wherein flow through a tube associated with the clamp is irreversibly prevented and cannot be restored. Systems and methods using such clamps are also disclosed.

A membrane separation device is disclosed along with systems and methods employing the device in blood processing procedures. In one embodiment, a spinning membrane separator is provided in which at least two zones or regions are created in the gap between the spinning membrane and the shell, such that mixing of the fluid between the two regions is inhibited by a radial rib or ridge associated with the spinning membrane that decreases the gap between the spinning membrane and the shell to define two fluid regions, the ridge isolating the fluid in the two regions to minimize mixing between the two. Automated systems and methods are disclosed for separating a unit of previously-collected whole blood into selected blood components, such as concentrated red cells and plasma, for collecting red cells and plasma directly from a donor in a single pass, and for cell washing. Data management systems and methods and priming methods are also disclosed.

Fenwal Inc. | Date: 2015-08-21

A system of authenticating a medical solution used in a blood processing procedure, comprising a blood processing system having a user interface and access to a database of medical solutions identifiable by identifiers, wherein the blood processing system guides a user through steps of the procedure and the user interface prompts the user to execute an action as part of a step; a fluid circuit having an inlet for a medical solution, wherein the fluid circuit is coupled to the fluid processing system; wherein a step of the blood processing procedure comprises drawing a solution into the circuit, wherein the interface receives a user input of an identifier of the solution prior to the fluid processing system executing the step; wherein the fluid processing system is configured to compare the received identifier to medical solution identifiers within the database and, based on a result of the comparison, executing the step.

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