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Taichung, Taiwan

Feng Chia University is a private university in Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan. It was named after Chiu Feng-Chia , one of the leaders of the military resistance against the Japanese invasion of Taiwan in 1895. Wikipedia.

Feng Chia University | Date: 2013-07-11

A speaker diaphragm structure includes a speaker diaphragm and a coating formed on the speaker diaphragm and is composed of at least one dense layer and relatively porous layer alternately arranged with respect to the at least one dense layer.

Feng Chia University | Date: 2013-10-30

A supercapacitor includes a pair of electrodes and an electrolyte. Each electrode has a graphite fiber core, and an activated carbon shell atomically coated on an outer surface of the core. The electrolyte is mounted between the two electrodes and in touch with each shell for electrical connection of the two electrodes.

Feng Chia University | Date: 2014-03-05

A combinational cooling pad structure with flash drive storage comprises a cooling pad and a flash drive. The cooling pad comprises at least three combinational pads with structural surfaces. At least two connecting portions are correspondingly disposed between the combinational pads. Limiting structures are correspondingly disposed on outer sides of the outer combinational pads. The combinational pads are connected by the connecting portions to form a structure which can be unfolded flatly; and are folded closely together to form a structural body surrounded by the structural surfaces; and are combined securely by the corresponding limiting structures. An inner hole for inserting the flash drive is defined and formed by inner surfaces of the surrounding combinational pads. A coupling portion is protrudingly disposed at an end of the flash drive, and an interface connector is disposed on the coupling portion. The coupling portion is then inserted into the inner hole.

Feng Chia University and Pou Chen Corporation | Date: 2013-04-16

A method for producing a biopolymeric material includes milling a non-edible vegetable fiber into a fiber grain; mixing the fiber grain with a solvent to form a slurry; purifying the fiber grain of the slurry to form a purified fiber; esterifying the purified fiber to form an esterified fiber; drying the esterified fiber to form a modified fiber; and mixing the modified fiber with a plastic material to form the biopolymeric material.

Feng Chia University | Date: 2014-07-22

A method for treating urinary system disorders comprising: a pharmaceutical composition comprising a carbon material and a water-containing carrier, the pharmaceutical composition comprising a carbon material in an amount from 0.001 mgs to 100 mgs, both of the carbon material and the water-containing carrier constitute a pharmaceutically acceptable water-containing carrier carrying the carbon material, and the carbon material having a diameter falling within a range from 2 nm to 2 mm; Then instilled this pharmaceutical composition into the bladder for adsorb LPS of bacteria, aqueous vehicle in a volume of from 50 mL to 700 mL. After adsorb, discharging the LPS together with urine out of cystitis patients. This method is capable of reducing symptoms of cystitis by contacting the carbon material with a bladder or related tissues of the bladder in an animal body.

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