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Yekaterinburg, Russia

Fedorov G.M.,Federal State Scientific Institution
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2015

The article presents particular qualities of programs learning pack "Ecology of Yakutia" for grades 5-9 schools of Republic SakhaYakutia. The aim of this work is to develop universal educational activities and basic national values, useful in everyday life and in the relevant environmental problems. The article presents the aim, tasks, content, planned result of the learning pack (LP) "Ecology of Yakutia" for grades 5-9. The main system of conformation's core LP is Ecology of Yakutia. LP provides interconnectedness and continuity forming, developing students' universal learning action universal and national values (patriotism, family, work, nature, social solidarity,civic consciousness, humanity), are formed in task work, and extracurricular activities for creative solution of problem consumer attitudes on co-evolutionary nature- harmonic of human and nature, different situation hid in everyday, social and personality life. Approaches, principles, criteria for selection of content, content lines, function of LP "Ecology of Yakutia" is exposed with based on regional and ethnocultural identity. Source

Sungatullina D.I.,Moscow State University | Krylov A.S.,Moscow State University | Fedorov D.N.,Federal State Scientific Institution
Scientific Visualization | Year: 2014

In this paper, we propose two efficient registration algorithms for histological images. Our first algorithm is based on matching the contour points of an observation and a template, and performs in O(M log M) time, where M is the number of the contour points, with almost no loss in the quality of registration compared to the commonly used Hungarian algorithm, which has O(M3) time complexity. A high accuracy of the transform parameter estimation is achieved by an iterative exclusion of heavily mismatched contour points, followed by rectification of the parameters for the rest of the points. Our second algorithm takes advantage of a special structure of the histological images that contain elliptical gland slices, and finds corresponding ellipses on the observation and the template. The resulting transform is obtained from the pair of ellipses with maximum overlap index. The first method suits well for all types of histological images, while the second one is intended to be used for high-precision content-based alignment. Source

Lisitsyn A.,Federal State Scientific Institution | Kuznetsova O.,Institute of Higher Education in Food Sciences | Minaev M.,Institute of Higher Education in Food Sciences | Prosekov A.,Institute of Higher Education in Food Sciences
Oriental Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2016

Investigations in the present work were directed towards the study of the dehydration temperature influence on the mass fraction of moisture in lactulose. The moisture mass fraction index is the most important to estimate the quality of primary, semi-finished and finished products. Resulting from this, investigations have been directed onto the study of the dehydration temperature influence on the mass fraction of moisture in the solution. A technology of getting dry lactulose by way of spray dehydration has been developed. It has been proved that while the temperature of dehydrating a lactulose solution with the mass fraction of 50% rises, the moisture content in the product decreases. The lactulose powder quality was estimated by such factors as mass fraction of moisture, particle size, solubility index and hydroscopicity, as these factors produce the most influence upon consumer properties of the products. The data received show growth of the lactulose solubility index with the particle size increase. This is evidently connected with the fact that a big size of the particles makes interaction between molecules of water and lactulose more difficult as well as forming donor and acceptor (hydrogen) bonds, and consequently the solution process. Source

Bekenev V.,Federal State Scientific Institution | Garcia A.,Texas Tech University | Hasnulin V.,Research Institute of Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine
Animals | Year: 2015

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the viability and growth rate of piglets after weaning, the content of lipids in the blood and liver, antioxidant activity (AOA) and lipid peroxidation (LPO) when various additives are used in feed. The experiments were performed on two crosses of piglets obtained from Large White breed sows and Landrace breed boars. Twenty to 28 animals were randomly assigned per group. The following additives were tested: the benzodiazepine phenazepam, the neuroleptic aminazine, vitamins E and C, and the extract Eleutherococcus senticosus (Araliaceae). Different doses and combinations of the additives against ultraviolet irradiation were used. The addition of these substances improved the growth rate and viability of piglets. AOA increased under the influence of all factors studied, especially with the addition of extract of Eleutherococcus in feed in combination with aminazine and UV-irradiation (p < 0.01). However, the addition of Eleutherococcus extract and aminazine intensified LPO (p < 0.01), but use of UV irradiation helped to decrease LPO values (p < 0.01). Feeding a mixture of additives per pig per day of 3 mL of Eleutherococcus extract, 80 mg of 25% tocopherol, and 500 mg of ascorbic acid increased survival rate, average daily gain, and live weight at the end of the experiment. Thus, the use of prophylactic antistress and sedative drugs during weaning helps AOA normalize LPO of red blood cells; enhance post weaning growth of the pigs by 4.8% to 24.6% and increases piglet survival rate by 5% to 5.1%. © 2015 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland. Source

Prosekov A.,Kemerovo State University | Petrov A.,Kemerovo State University | Lisitsyn A.,Federal State Scientific Institution | Ulrich E.,Kemerovo State University | And 2 more authors.
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences | Year: 2016

The advantages of bioconversion processes are in the absence of a necessity for applying high temperatures and pressure during the implementation of enzymatic reactions, which testify to their greater efficiency in comparison with traditional methods of processing of raw materials, and their relative technical simplicity of production processes. Bioconversion allows achieving the environmental friendliness of produced products in comparison with chemical technologies, as raw materials for its implementation are renewable materials of animal origin, and the product itself is completely consumed in the processes of consumption. Therefore processes of this kind can not only accelerate the obtaining of the final product and reduce its cost, but also reduce costs for the protection of air, water and soil from contamination. Technology using strains of microorganisms have some several advantages in comparison with traditional technologies of processing organic waste: 1) low labor intensity and high economic efficiency; 2) ecological safety; 3) high operational stability and storage stability of the resulting products; 4) the minor duration of the process; 5) the maximum conservation of nutrients. © 2010 RJPBCS. Source

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