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The invention relates to an optical communications system, including an optical module, including a module motherboard provided with a substrate having an upper surface and a lower surface, an optical component on the upper surface of the substrate, the optical component being configured to submit and/or receive optical signals and being connected to electrical conductors extending through the substrate, an optical coupling module having a first light coupling port, a second light coupling port, and at least one light guiding component guiding light signals between the first and second light coupling ports, and a connector receptacle, a longitudinal axis of the connector receptacle being provided parallel or with an acute angle to the plane of the substrate, and a fiber cable connector provided on an end portion of an optical fiber cable and received in the connector receptacle.

Fci | Date: 2011-11-25

The invention is related to an optical engine comprising: including at least one optoelectronic component for emitting or receiving light; a substrate for carrying the optoelectronic component; an optical coupling device, configured for guiding light between the optoelectronic component and an optical waveguide, fixed to the substrate. At least the substrate and the coupling device comprise include a fixation element and the other one a complementary fixation element, the complementary fixation element cooperating with the fixation element to locate and fix the coupling device to substrate so as to achieve an optical coupling between the optoelectronic component and the optical coupling device.

Fci | Date: 2011-04-06

A receptacle connector includes a housing and first and second sets of conductive terminals attached to a respective first and second main surfaces of the housing. Each conductive terminal has a first end, a second end and a contact portion therebetween. The first end is offset from the contact portion along a direction perpendicular to the contact portion. The contact portion is attached to one of the first and second main surfaces by insert-molding. The first end extends through an end surface of the housing. The first ends are aligned in one row parallel to the first and second main surfaces such that the molding process is simplified. In a one type of example receptacle connector, the conductive terminals are strongly and precisely attached to the housing, hence the physical dimension can be ensured, and the mateability with counterpart plug connector as well as manufacturability can be improved.

An optical cable assembly is provided, an optical cable provided with one or more optical fibers, a strain-relieve device mounted on the optical cable and configured to provide a strain relieve when the optical cable is fed into an optical module through an opening in a housing of the optical module, wherein the strain-relieve device is provided with an adjustment mechanism configured to adjust a distance between an end portion of the one or more optical fibers and the strain-relieve device. Furthermore, an optical module and a method for assembling an optical cable assembly are provided.

Fci | Date: 2012-01-18

Electronic module, such as a small footprint pluggable (SFP) connector module, including a housing, an electroconductive cage for shielding the module and a latch for the cage to the housing. The latch includes a separate latch member accommodated between the housing and the cage, and at least one resiliently protruding tip. The cage is provided with an opening for receiving the resiliently protruding tip.

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